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6. september 2023

Shopify continues to say Pinterest is not connected to an advertising account. Choose an account to run ads on Pinterest. However, I have an ad account and somehow it’s not connected. Please help. '

Digi Dripp Nails
6 måneder bruker appen
7. mars 2023

Easy to use but After I made changes to my shopify store, old collections and products are still there . Can't make changes to Pinterest shop , tried disconnecting and connecting again but no use.

Over 2 år bruker appen
27. april 2023

The extraction of recent catalog products always decreases by 90% and lasts for several days, always repeated, is it my reason? Or is it because of pinterest?

22 dager bruker appen
28. september 2022

I haven't used Pinterest very much in the past few years as I am still not used to how Pinterest works

Flower City Soap Company
Over 2 år bruker appen
22. oktober 2021

Habe die App von shopify für unseren shop verwendet. Die Anbindung war sehr einfach. Aber die Erfordernis zur Eingabe eines Bankkontozugangs gefällt mir nicht.

Taifun Teppich Service GmbH
Over 2 år bruker appen
28. oktober 2021

Easy to connect but i don't really see what this apps do. Does it send automatically images on Pinterest or not ? is it use only for adds ?

Marcel Woingué-Dagrou
Over 2 år bruker appen
15. oktober 2020

I use this app to help me promote my Shopify store. It is easy to set up and navigate, with a friendly GUI.

Royal Barista Coffee
Over 2 år bruker appen
16. oktober 2020

had to force log out and re-login to get app connected but other than that the installation went alright

Of Wax And Wood LLC
Rundt 2 år bruker appen
24. februar 2022

a few bugs but set up and integration was easy. i like how it suggested this sales channel and did it all on one screen

Nesten 2 år bruker appen
26. april 2021

I used this to help me install Pinterest in my Shopify store. I was confused as to why the 'add billing' didn't update or say it was updated. And the screen still asks me for billing info? That is nonsense.

Live with Motivation
Nesten 2 år bruker appen