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As my store is new, I was pushed an advert to get the pinterest integration and get marketing credit. So I installed it and created a pinterest business page. Only to get an email to say they declined it as my website had not been live for 90 days. Yes, it is brand new. So now I have to wait 90 days and submit it again, and the marketing credit will likely expire by then. Pinterest should automatically approve business pages when using the shopify integration. Short story, it's useless for a new store to use.

Starz Cosmetics
使用應用程式 4個月

Horrible platform for selling, they make you wait 9 months then tell you that you dont meet requirements even though you do. Don't waste your time with this app trust me.

使用應用程式 3個月

very bad experience a lot of bag and customer support very bad very bad experience a lot of bag and customer support very bad very bad experience a lot of bag and customer support very bad

使用應用程式 3個月

I need help updating my catalogs and reaching someone to solve this problem.

使用應用程式 7個月

very bad costumer support and very bad experience the team only copy and past tha answer in him knowledge We don't know how Pinterest's problem goes from bad to worse

使用應用程式 26天

I launched my shop yesterday and installed the app. This morning I was informed via email that I violated the merchant guidelines i.e.: my shop is less than 9 months old.
So for those with a shop less than 9 months old DO NOT install this app. It's such a shame that this is not made clear from the start. But I guess it's my fault for not reading the guidelines thoroughly.

Funny Place Names
使用應用程式 2天

At first, I thought this would be a great sales channel to use, but I soon learned that this was not the case.

I tried connecting my Shopify store to my Pinterest account and seemed like there wasn't going to be any issue until I received the "Notice of Merchant Guidelines violation". What was the violation I needed to fix? "Merchant's URL is broken/inactive or requires registration." I'm not sure why that was, but maybe because I am new to Shopify, so I waited a little bit, and deleted the URL that I thought they might have an issue with, then I submitted my first Appeal thinking that was the ONLY issue I needed to fix as that was the only one in the email.

Then I get another Notice of Merchant Guidelines violation but this time for something different, for "Merchant is an affiliate marketplace or marketer". That was strange as there is not one affiliate link on our website...So, I thought they must have made a mistake, so I made my second and last Appeal. I wrote a very long response telling them that we will make any change necessary in order to get our Shopify store connected, even if it means, deleting all our content on Pinterest and beginning again. I pleaded with them to reconsider and actually take a look at our website as up until this point it really didn't seem as if they even looked at our website. It seemed as if these responses were some copy-and-paste answers from them. None of them had any specific answers but just some generic answers.

Thinking that they'd actually review my website and accept our store, I was completely wrong about Pinterest. My Appeal was rejected again, but this time for other of which was "Merchant's returns policy is unclear or unavailable" This is ridiculous because we have it highlighted in 2 places in our footer.

Now, we don't know what to do...Here they start off by telling us to fix 1 thing, which we do, then they tell us to fix something different, which wasn't an issue to actually fix, then our final appeal, they write several issues. The problem is you only have 2 times to correct any issues Pinterest says that you have...

Why wouldn't they list all the issues the first time so we could fix those all at once? Probably because they know we can only appeal 2 times, then that's it...What's interesting is that they will have no issues accepting us into their paid Ads programs or anything like that...

We're very disappointed with Pinterest and there's absolutely nothing we can do about it...

But, now I"m reading on the comments here that they want a store to be at least 9 months old...Well, if that's the case, then why don't they clearly mention that? Especially as they are so concerned that information we have on our website, such as our Returns Policy, is clearly displayed...

Overall, a very bad experience with Pinterest, and would not recommend at all...Don't download or try to connect with them and waste your time..

My Online Fitness Club Shop
使用應用程式 9天

For years, being connected to Pinterest was a great option for my business. Something on the back-end changed in 2023 and now I am stuck in an endless cycle of Pinterest telling me my website isn't meeting their guidelines, me appealing, them discovering that it DOES meet their guidelines and resolving. . . then the next month it starts all over again. Their customer service is cryptic and unhelpful, a total waste of time. I've talked to other folks in my industry who have run into the same issue and gave up long before me. I'll be uninstalling this app to disconnect my website to free myself from this perpetual headache. Pinterest, what happened to you?

使用應用程式 3年多

The app does not work.

使用應用程式 4個月

Its been over a year now with multiple people complaining of the way the app and Pinterest select the product image for displaying with your pin and nothing has been done. We select our images in Shopify with the best image showcasing our product first so cannot fathom why Pinterest would choose random images from those available. Some that are not even showcasing the product but are showing options, or advertising social media.
Support has been absolutely rubbish and not worth investing in any type of advertising when they cant even get the correct product images showing.

Family Crafts
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