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4.45 亿用户在 Pinterest 上寻找点子,尽情尝试和购物,向这些用户展示你的产品吧。

安装 Pinterest for Shopify 应用程序即可关联 Pinterest 帐户,快速发布产品 Pin 图,每天自动更新产品目录,并使用 Pinterest 标签跟踪表现。以自然方式覆盖 Pinterest 上的用户,这些用户可以轻松发现、收藏和购买你网站上的产品。使用推广计划覆盖更多用户,以构建品牌认知度、推动钟意程度或获得转化,尽在你的 Shopify 界面!

安装 Pinterest for Shopify 应用程序即可关联 Pinterest 帐户,快速发布产品 Pin 图,每天自动更新产品目录,并使用 Pinterest 标签跟踪表现。以自然方式覆盖 Pinterest 上的用户,这些用户可以轻松发现、收藏和购买你网站上的产品。使用推广计划覆盖更多用户,以构建品牌认知度、推动钟意程度或获得转化,尽在你的 Shopify 界面! 更多
  • 上传产品目录,使其近乎实时保持最新
  • 以自然方式向用户呈现整个产品目录
  • 使用 Pinterest 标签跟踪转化和查看详细的产品数据
  • 使用购物广告推广产品并覆盖客户
  • 使用 Pinterest 发布首个广告推广计划即可获享 100 美元的广告积分
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英语, 简体中文, 繁体中文, 捷克语, 丹麦语, 荷兰语, 芬兰语, 法语, 德语, 意大利语, 日语, 韩语, 挪威语(博克马尔语), 波兰语, 葡萄牙语(巴西), 葡萄牙语(葡萄牙), 西班牙语, 瑞典语, 泰语,以及 土耳其语





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评论 (5,875)

  • 83% 的评分是 5 星
  • 11% 的评分是 4 星
  • 2% 的评分是 3 星
  • 0% 的评分是 2 星
  • 3% 的评分是 1 星

I was absolutely thrilled using Pinterest for my business and chose it to be the only source of traffic for my shop. We sell cool designer baby nursery decor and trendy baby outfits made in EU but our merchant account was removed without explanations and even any advice what is wrong with the website. After 6 years using Pinterest as a merchant and being verified merchant we just get robot replies from 50 cases all the same. we cannot disclose information your website doesn't meet minimum requirements. So we have to move to other sources of traffic because our Pinterest reach tremendously fell from 13+ mln and we produce original content and work hard on pins it fell to 5 mln in seconds. Supports doesn't want to help and even explain what is wrong and what we can update. So the app now is useless and I guess merchants with great products here are not welcome. Pinterest is overloaded with AI pins that take over platform and we are the original content makers have to go after investing so much work and time into content.

Cozy Nursery
4年多 人在使用应用

I am so happy I installed Pinterest app on my Shopify store. I’ve had over 800 new visitors to my shop in just 8 days. Other apps don’t compare. Love Pinterest. It’s easy to install and it brings results.

Kim’s Signature Beauty & Accessories
9个月 人在使用应用

I am writing this review to express my dissatisfaction with the Pinterest Merchant Services. As a business owner who has successfully used other platforms like Google Merchant, TikTok Shop, Snapchat, and Bing, I am extremely frustrated with the difficulties I have encountered in getting my merchant catalog active on Pinterest for retargeting purposes.

Despite diligently following the guidelines and making the necessary adjustments to meet the quality standards, my account was still not approved. The lack of detailed feedback and the opaque process made it even more challenging to address the issues effectively. In contrast, the approval processes on Google Merchant, TikTok Shop, Snapchat, and Bing were much more straightforward and transparent, allowing me to quickly set up and start retargeting my products.

Pinterest's stringent and unclear policies have created unnecessary hurdles, delaying my ability to reach potential customers and grow my business through their platform. It’s disappointing that such a popular social media site makes it so difficult for businesses to use their merchant services effectively.

I hope Pinterest takes this feedback seriously and works towards making their approval process more user-friendly and transparent. Until then, I will continue to rely on the more efficient services of Google Merchant, TikTok Shop, Snapchat, and Bing for my business needs.

My 3D Hoodie
接近3年 人在使用应用

A World of Inspiration at Your Fingertips!

As a long-time user of Pinterest, I can confidently say it’s much more than just a platform—it's a vibrant community brimming with creativity and inspiration. Whether you're planning a wedding, renovating your home, or searching for new recipes, Pinterest has it all, neatly organized and easily accessible.

One of Pinterest’s standout features is its highly intuitive interface, which makes discovering and saving ideas a breeze. The search function is a dream, with smart recommendations that help you narrow down exactly what you’re looking for. Plus, the visual nature of Pinterest makes it incredibly engaging; it’s easy to lose track of time scrolling through endless beautifully curated pins.

The platform also excels in personalization, continually refining what you see based on the pins you save and interact with. This makes each Pinterest experience uniquely tailored to your interests and tastes. Moreover, for creatives and businesses, Pinterest is a goldmine. It’s not only a place to gather inspiration but also a powerful tool to showcase products and ideas and drive traffic to websites.

Above all, Pinterest fosters a community of likeminded individuals who are eager to share their passions and discoveries. It’s a positive space where you can find motivation and encouragement no matter what project or hobby you are pursuing.

In summary, Pinterest is an indispensable resource for anyone looking to spark their creativity and bring their vision to life. It’s a platform where inspiration meets practicality, and it’s done so with elegance and efficiency.

3个月 人在使用应用

this app doesn't deserve 1 star. I installed the app and went through the procedure to set it up and it said "set up complete" but then I received a notification saying "this app needs attention" so I went back to look and see what wasn't completed and by that time I get an email stating that I won't be able to sell my products on Pinterest unless I do an appeal and I only have 3 chances to do an appeal so therefore I'm just going to delete this app.

Skinsanely Beautiful
4个月 人在使用应用


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