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28 september 2020

I haven't had any issues with this app. I was getting a ton of abandoned carts for international orders, but once I added this app I was able to offer cheaper international shipping and it has helped lessen that. The platform is simple and easy to use!

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3 oktober 2018

Ok, if you think you are going to get rates that are insanely low right off the bat, chances are you'll be disappointed, BUT--and it's a big but, they are always at least matched to the lowest price in my experience with them. I sell on many channels, the prices they offer on items at or below 1lb is generally even with Shopify, Ebay, Amazon et all, but never more. They are at least equal on shipping light items, as the items get heavier it seems like Pirate Ship really does save money. . .While I have yet to find good savings on shipping on Pirate Ship compared with my main three channels--they actually do save me money over Bonanza (who charges to ship with them), Etsy, If a customer from out of state wants something delivered, I can offer it because of Pirate Ship at a reasonable rate. Very useful app, no upcharge. While I disagree with the understanding that many have that they save a fortune over other possibilities, they are always at least equal with the lowest--and they do allow manual entries meaning that even if you sell through channels (including in person) you'll save money on postage--and it can add up quick.

The UniDragon
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28 april 2019

I love this App. It works perfectly, the app owners are amazing to work with and its MUCH better than the standard shipping platform that shopify has. Keep up the great work!

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19 juni 2018

Kind of amazed Pirate Ship doesn't have more reviews.

Not only do they not charge a monthly fee (as other more popular solutions do) they offer the best pricing on USPS labels.

No markups and you get cubic rates if applicable.

That right there in and of itself should be enough for people to take a serious look at them but they also have the most responsive and helpful customer service I've ever dealt with - it doesn't seem to matter what time or day . . .

You should seriously check them out.

Fiction Boutique
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31 maart 2018

Best shipping service I have used yet, Great support as well. Thanks!

Pro Spec
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19 juli 2017

Exactly what I needed for my subscription box service! Quick and excellent customer support and cheap USPS shipping prices! Love this company!

The Polepunzel Box
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5 juli 2020

I don't normally write reviews but feel obligated to since the Pirate Ship product and support is just so unbelievably terrific. For context, I've been using Pirate Ship now for ~30 days.

Here's why they're great:

#1 - It easily integrates into Shopify. Within 30 seconds, I can print the labels of every order I need to ship for the day. It doesn't matter how many. It just works.

#2 - If I need to print just one, no problem. Just go through and print one. I feel like they thought through common issues you have when shipping.

#3 - The actual shipping price you get for USPS is 'I can't believe it's this cheap' cheap. I'd say 20-50% cheaper than going through USPS direct. I also compared this shipping cost against a 3PL and it wasn't even close. I save soooo much money on shipping with Pirate Ship.

#4 - Their support is fantastic. They respond (and solve) issues when they pop up. Because we have a fair amount of volume, we're bound to run into quirks and whatnot but Pirate Ship is a true partner and wants you to succeed.

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Bewerkt 28 maart 2018

The beauty of this app is in its simplicity, from easily importing orders and calculating the cheapest rate to printing shipping labels. If your shopify store ships primarily with USPS then you will greatly benefit by using Pirate Ship. They have the cheapest commercial rates available with no fees or markups. The chat support is quick and helpful and the cute pirate theme just makes shipping that much for fun!!

Itsagift 2
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6 januari 2021

This has been wonderfully helpful this year. I love being able to quickly scan down my list of labels and see what orders have been delivered and which are still in transit. It's been very helpful to be able to print scan forms for my postal driver so that orders were always marked as picked up. It's a really nicely organized app, and of course the prices are great. Thank you!

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23 september 2019

Just what I was looking for! Because Shopify doesn't offer a USPS Scan Form by default I have been struggling to find an app that doesn't charge a monthly fee just so I could access this BASIC feature. PirateShip has saved the day! Thank you!!

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