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8 september 2023

We are using PitchPrint for about 2 years now. It is a great program for customizable products. We have tried other program beforehand (on Shopify and other platforms), but for this pricepoint we defentily didn't find anything comparable. Since it has an official App on Shopify that was actually our reason to migrate to Shopify (otherwise we would have probably used a different shopsystem - but we needed a good tool for customizable products). In the beginning we had some difficulties to set it up in our store (mainly because of the used template in shopify, it was a bought one). The support of PitchPrint did a great job helping us and told us, what code was missing and where to fix it. We had some more contact since and they were always fast and helpful.

We have print-products and laser-engraved products. Through different templates we can actually offer both with different options, but through PitchPrint (they have "Print" in their name, but if you set it up correctly, the program can be used for other things to). You can use the program from the get go or if you know how to program (or have a competent programer) you can also customize a lot of the program itself and just save them as different templates.

Over those 2 years they also added a lot of interessting features. For example the ability to remove the background of a uploaded picture via an automatic AI (the customer can just choose it himself with a little button).

Paule Black
Mer än 2 år användning av appen
30 augusti 2023

Great app, easy to install and set up. Had some questions regarding customization and coding, PitchPrint helped us adequately and fast. Very happy with their app and their service.

5 månader användning av appen
23 augusti 2023

The team behind this app is excellent!!! They have not only been super patient with me as I've changed websites, but they've also helped me with getting the exact look I've wanted. I've been able to have meetings with them, they quickly respond to emails, and they go above and beyond. The app itself is super smooth and an excellent product designer. I love the ability to have unlimited images, templates, and easily tie it to my site. It doesn't take a large learning curve (like with other apps) to learn how to use it. You can't go wrong with this app. I HIGHLY recommend itl

Ungefär 2 månader användning av appen
25 juli 2023

We have been using Pitchprint app for over 4 years now. Awesome app and great support. Affordable price.

Vivid Ads Australia
Nästan 3 år användning av appen
17 juli 2023

absolutely amazing app. Value for money is 10 stars. We run this app for almost 2 years now on our shopify plus store. Some specific changes were made to fulfill our needs. Customer support is great, personal and very quick response. Stop looking if you want a great app for web to print on your shopify store.

Mer än 3 år användning av appen
Redigerat 26 april 2016

Great customer support. They added a feature for us very fast so very impressed with that (ability to grayscale uploaded images).

However, the load time on the front end is very slow - 30 seconds to a minute and in some cases longer even with a 60 mbit/s download speed.

Lots of backend bugs as well - can't delete a product design no matter how many times I try, can't change a thumbnail image on one product after duplicating the design, often crashes and forces me to reload.

Would happily change my review to 5 stars once these issues have been sorted as it's a pretty good app at a reasonable price otherwise but currently very difficult to use and get up and running.

Iwood Inc
Ungefär 2 år användning av appen
27 juli 2020

I was prepared to spend $100s for a good online designer. Even the expensive ones just don't hit the spot like PitchPrint does. It's extremely easy to setup proper designs and my customers will love this!

Not to mention the support is extremely good even replied on weekends during my free trial. Very impressed and appreciative of them.

Thank you PitchPrint!

Printing Experts
Mer än ett år användning av appen
3 augusti 2021

I am so happy to have found PitchPrint for my Shopify store! As an entrepreneur, it took some time to find the perfect combination of apps and plug ins for my vision. The icing on the cake is PitchPrint. My printer guy asked me to add a plug in for print ready artwork for my personalized products and made some suggestions…PitchPrint. The best part is it allows my customers to actually see the products they personalize on their computer screen. On the backend it does generates print ready artwork so you can forward the file to your printer or manufacturer. I am about to go live and blast my products and services. I just wanted to take a minute to give the PitchPrint Team the credit they deserve. Customer service, design team, developer, 3D team are all genuinely nice people. Go and give them a look at pitchprint.com to see everything they do. If you are looking to personalize products, I would definitely recommend them.

IN Music Entertainment
Ungefär ett år användning av appen
Redigerat 3 november 2021

Brace yourselves because this is going to be a BIG one! First, let me start off by saying the customer support that I have received has been beyond AMAZING! I have been using the PitchPrint App here on Shopify and even tried it out on WordPress for about 3 months now. Rukaya is THE BEST! There is a time difference being that they are located in South Africa but I always have a reply within 1 business day!
There has not been one question that this team has not been able to provide an answer to! Even with me switching from Shopify to WordPress back to Shopify, they held my hand the entire way! I have a printing company and I was looking for a way to allow my customers to "design" on their own. PitchPrint has been that miracle in a haystack. I looked at other programs and none of them were as simple as PitchPrint for me to set up. Also, price wise, this was the best fit for my company! I have a ton of products and a ton of designs so simplicity and affordability means everything to me for my customers! In the PitchPrint platform you are able to use some of their already made templates! You can create your own designs, or have blank canvases for your customers. Customers are able to download their designs within the app (if you would like), they can switch their sizes (if needed) and so much more! The biggest downfall that I have had ONLY ON SHOPIFY is that customers are not able to "save for later" their designs. However, this is something that they are working on to be able to have on this platform. The option WORKS on other platforms and works amazing!
The only other minor issue is that on the MOBILE SIDE (because the screen is small and space is limited) customers are not able to have a custom color option. However, I just added main colors and color options to give a variety of colors to customers and it works just a great!
Even in the 3 months that I have been with the program, updates have been happening consistently. They take pride in this and it shows! Seriously for the price, the unlimited options and the customer service, this Web To Print Program is amazing!

12 månader användning av appen
Redigerat 3 mars 2021

Honestly one of the worst experiences I have had with an app in several years using Shopify. Promises the world at a low cost and then definitely does not deliver. I can honestly say that I have tried every single product customization tool that is available on Shopify - some good, some bad, but nothing is as bad as PitchPrint. The team at PitchPrint do respond to support requests quickly. Thats about the only thing I can think of that would be a positive though - and I really tried to think of good things to say to balance this out. The problem is that whilst PitchPrint are trying to keep up with the better apps available on Shopify they are failing to address the poor foundation with which they have built their app on. Let me give some examples: - Do you want to use text in your designs? Don't use this app, because the text will differ from what the customer puts in to what is downloaded. I'm not just talking about differences in size or location of the text, I'm talking about the actual font itself will just randomly change - Do you want to let customers add images to your designs? That is a struggle as randomly images will not appear on a downloaded output design (even though it appears to the customer and within the pitchprint dashboard, just not on your output file). - Do you want customers to be able to use mobile? Don't bother with this then because even though I flagged an issue to them that customers on certain mobile devices are unable to upload images, it is still not fixed now 4 months later. The answer when i flagged this up to the support? - "well it works on our mobiles so the issue can't be with pitchprint". I had around 100 different customers raise support tickets about this and those where only the ones patient enough to send a support ticket, many more would have got annoyed and gone to a different website. - Want to be able to edit and help customers live whilst they are making their designs (which is prominently advertised on their site)? Don't bother with this then because after you sign up they say "oh, this feature isn't working now" (their exact words) and then they'll never mention or bring it up again. - Want to speak with them before signing up to check what you want to do is available and possible? Well don't bother with this then as I had conversations for a few weeks before signing up about setting up a custom integration alongside several shopify stores on the agency plan. Only after i signed up did they mention that the agency plan isn't actually working and they'll have to figure out a way to do it. I could go on and on about the failures and inadequacies of the whole Pitch Print app, but its easier to just say this: Don't do it. Contact me and I will be happy to tell you which apps are the best on the shopify app store, for free. My only aim would be to make sure that others do not waste months of time with PitchPrint.

5 månader användning av appen