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Piwik Cloud

Piwik Cloud

Developed by Piwik PRO

Price: From $29.00 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Track your products, orders, shopping cart activity and users’ actions.
  • Create, track and analyse marketing campaigns and goals.
  • Report, view and analyse important and valuable Ecommerce and visitor metrics.

Seamlessly integrate Piwik Cloud into your Ecommerce store and start receiving detailed reports about your visitors, marketing campaigns, and goals and improve your business today!

Within just a few clicks, you could have your very own securely hosted Piwik web analytics service that is packed full of powerful features.

What is Piwik Cloud?

Piwik Cloud is the hosted version of Piwik, the popular open source web analytics platform. It allows you to enjoy all the amazing features and functions that Piwik has to offer, without the hassle of having to store it on your own infrastructure.

Piwik Cloud features

Piwik Cloud provides you with all the data, information, metrics, widgets and reports that you will need in order to better understand your Ecommerce business.

Here are the main areas of the Piwik platform. Some of their main features and functions
include -

Dashboard - customise the Dashboard by adding the widgets that display data and information that is important and valuable to your site.

Visitors - find out how many visits you’ve had over time, where your visitors are coming from, their engagement on your site, and what browser and operating system they use.

Actions - View and analyse your visitors’ actions, which pages your visitors access, pageviews and unique pageviews, your pages’ bounce rates, and your entry and exit pages.

Referrers - discover who is sending you the most visitors. Compare the data from search engines, social networks, referrer websites and direct entries.

Ecommerce & Goals - track your orders, purchased items, shopping cart activity, plus create, report, and analyse Goals.

Analysing data and information about your visitors and their actions will enable you to make informative changes to your website that will increase your traffic and boost conversions and purchases.

The Piwik Cloud difference

Piwik Cloud provides you with in depth insights and analysis of your Ecommerce site, and so much more.

Privacy, security and data ownership - the data and information that your service collects are 100% owned by you and aren’t shared with any 3rd parties, the privacy of your users is always kept safe, and your service contains strong security features.

High availability, regular data backups and data protection - your data tracking service will always be available thanks to our scalable, redundant infrastructure. Our daily backup procedure and data protection policy ensure that your data and information will be kept safe and available.

Technical and user support - we will help you every step of the way by providing you with tips and advice, plus fast, competent and clear responses when you need assistance.

Take it for a spin with a 30 Day FREE Trial.

Your Piwik Cloud service comes with a 30 Day FREE Trial, which allows you to discover the benefits that the Piwik analytics platform can add to your Ecommerce business.

To start your FREE 30 Day Trial, simply use this app to integrate your Ecommerce website with the Piwik Cloud service.

The price of your Piwik Cloud service is reflected by the amount of traffic that your website receives. After your trial, we will calculate your traffic and present you with your monthly payment plan, as detailed below:

STARTER: Up to 300 000 actions per month = $65 / 49€ per month

SMALL: Up to 1 000 000 actions per month. = $129 / 99€ per month

MEDIUM: Up to 5 000 000 actions per month. = $519/ 390€ per month

LARGE: Up to 10 000 000 actions per month. = $919 / 690€ per month

Need something bigger? We can support high-traffic sites. Please email us at contact@piwik.pro for a quote.

Actions - when a user does something on your website/store, it is counted as an action. For example, visiting a page, buying a product, downloading a file - these are all counted as single actions.

Plans are billed monthly in advance. You can cancel at anytime with one month’s notice.

Integrate your existing Piwik Cloud service with Shopify.

If you already have a Piwik Cloud account and would like to integrate your service with Shopify, please follow the easy steps below -

From your Piwik Dashboard, please go to Settings -> Integrations -> Shopify - click “connect”, and then follow the steps from there.

From $29.00 / month

The integration app is completely free of charge. The monthly cost of your Piwik Cloud account will depend on the amount of page views your Shopify store receives each month. To view the pricing plans, please go to https://piwik.pro/cloud or see below. Plans are available in USD and EURO and come with a 30 Day FREE Trial.

30 days

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