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15 octobre 2023

I am not allowed to Optimize image all products in one go. Have to do one by one which is very tedious. If I have to Optimize image need to contact customer care and pay price.No reply from customer care.

Please contact support to unlock all image optimization feature for your store.

Stores with more than 1000 images should contact support to ensure that optimization goes smoothly with the best quality for free.

25 minutes d’utilisation de l’application
ImpactPixel a répondu 16 octobre 2023

Our app is completely free; you just need to get in touch with our support team. Optimization is done manually, as processing over 1000 images can strain our servers. That's why we request you to reach out to our support

12 octobre 2023

The app seems to work well.. When it works. It crashes so frequently it's almost impossible to use. Constant reloading and refreshing, not all images will upload, pages freeze constantly.

Gym Giants
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