Pixcleaner Background Remover

Pixcleaner Background Remover

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Remove background of your pictures, and edit your photos

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Auto-remove Fast and accurate

Accommodate and perfect your pictures automatically in seconds. Easily import and export your products images by one click directly.

Smart touch tool

Perfect for adjusting or rectifying your foreground extraction, simple and intuitive to use, useful for hair segementation.

Photo editor

Allow you to crop, resize or rotate your images, add layers, text, or watermark to your images.

À propos de Pixcleaner Background Remover

Remove Background of Image quickly - You do not need clicks for a clear and shiny photo of your products for your e-commerce store.

  • Professional product images and photos are critical factors to sell products on an e-commerce store. Creating professional product images can be challenging for you but not impossible. Even it is very tough to create pictures with a crystal transparent white background in a photo studio.

  • We have brought Pixcleaner Background Remover for you to help in making clear and professional photos. Pixcleaner Background Remover has AI technology and can give you transparent photo backgrounds in a short time.

-Boost your conversion rates. - Few things in your product photo must gain customers' interest and make things easy for customers to buy your products. The most key among them is harmonized photos. You may need some tools for making harmonized photos.

-Pixcleaner with AI technology brings the best features for you to make harmonized photos. These photos will help your customers to focus on your products and buy them. It will also help them to compare products, reduce data preparation expenses, and increase sales.


  • Handle images with precise subject detection features to automate the background removing process.

  • Designed and trained on millions of images to successfully recognize fur, hair, and other fine details in your images.

  • Remove background and do a better job of preserving object boundaries.

  • Enhance images or do fascinating post-processing by adding shadow and setting a uniform, gradient, or custom background.

  • When not convinced by the outcome, the owner can supervise the foreground extraction using the latest advanced editing tools and complete the background removal.

-If satisfied with the final results, owners can export and publish directly by one-click purchase, equal to one credit.

-Perform the fastest and the best product segmentation with the highest quality and exactness with full control.

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Installation gratuite

Unlimited processing of images, with free full live preview, export cost start from 0.20 to 0.05$ per image

5.0 de 5 étoiles

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Ein Wort: wow. Einfach und selbsterklärend. Das Ergebnis der bearbeiteten Bilder ist fantastisch. Wird ich jedem empfehlen. Preis / Leistung stimmt hier.


What a fantastic app. Editing photos always makes me very frustrated, because it rarely works really well. Pixcleaner is the only app that can help me so far. What a great job this app is doing! If you have any problems, you will be helped immediately. The service from them is therefore very good. They are also still under development and can only get better. I can only say one thing and that is download this app and have no doubts about it.

Crystal Fizzy

Editing can drive me nuts. This app can do more due to extra editing features. I have found it very useful and easy to use. It's a very well planned app that will keep you happy and satisfied. Their customer service is quick to respond and helpful. Thank you Pixcleaner!!