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Pixel Conversion Pro - Facebook Pixel Tracking

Pixel Conversion Pro - Facebook Pixel Tracking

Developed by JDHL Technologies

10 reviews
Price: $5.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Tracks all the events necessary to train your Facebook Pixel to become Super Intelligent for Optimize Conversion type ads.
  • Tracks PageView, ViewContent, AddToCart, InitiateCheckout, Purchase Events and now with these Additional Parameters - Content_Type, Content_Ids, Content_Name, Content_Category, Value, Num_Items and Currency.
  • Our Purchase Event Tracks The Total Amount (Not Subtotal) - This is the Best Way! It's easy to install, It's easy to use and It's easy to see that its working correctly.

Our app tracks all the events necessary to train your Facebook Pixel to become Super Intelligent for Optimize Conversion type ads.

I wanted to make sure this app is very affordable especially for first time Shopify users so they don't spend too much money on apps and actually make more money selling their products online.

Our app has the correct code that makes sure your purchase events only get recorded once. So if your customer refreshes or revisits their Thank You Page, it will only track the event one time. This will prevent your purchase conversion numbers from being skewed in your Facebook Ads Manager Reports.

Our purchase event tracks the total of the transaction not the subtotal. So in other words it tracks the Product Values + Taxes Collected + Shipping & Handling Costs. This is the best way to track this because now your Purchase Conversion Value in your Facebook Ads Manager Reports will show the correct value that you collected. This helps you figure your correct ROI when reviewing your ads performance.

Please check the following to insure your Pixel Tracking Success:

  • Remove your Pixel ID from any other Pixel Tracking Apps.
  • Please insure your Shopify Store has no existing Facebook Pixels or Scripts installed.
  • Insure when pasting your Facebook Pixel ID into our app there are no spaces before or after the digits.
  • Please watch our training videos so you can see the entire process and be able to test your pixel events.
  • Please contact us if you have any issues or just need our help.

Pixel Conversion Pro - Facebook Pixel Tracking reviews (9)


5 Star Review For All Of The Amazing Customer Service!


It's only got 8 reviews so you might, like myself, think twice before using this app. Think again, if only because James goes above and beyond in customer support than any Shopify app I have used. Any problems you have he will spend literally hours of his time trying to solve.

While initially I had problems with the app on my site, James gave me a new theme to try, which not only looked better than my old theme, but works perfectly.

I cannot recommend James and his product enough. If you are running F+S offers, you need his product.


The app, and support is awesome. I highly recommend to get it.


Fantastic app, easy to use and I have used all the others.
James could not have been better at support.
James was able to make sure it worked as it should and I had many things in place that I did not know about, from my adds and other apps I had tried.
It really works as it should and I would give it 6 stars if I could.
Get the app, you will not regret it and enjoy the peace of mind in knowing your pixel is working as it should.


Amazing plugin, even more amazing customer support. I'm not one to write raving reviews easily, but this exceeded all my expectations. The plugin wasn't working at all (because I messed my theme up) and James went above and beyond to fix it. I'm a very happy camper! Thank you James!


Very good app....made my life a hell of a lot easier..Try it people. Game changer ++


If you run a Shopify Store and have Free Plus Shipping offers you need this app asap! Without it you have no idea how much revenue your ads are actually generating for your business. Your FB reports are inaccurate without this app. Adding the FB pixel with the default method that Shopify offers only records the subtotal amount and not the actual total. So, if you have a free plus shipping offer and someone buys 3 products you have no idea what ad lead them to your store and which ad to associate that revenue with. You can only make an educated guess...Stop the guessing and get this app now. For only $5 a month this app more than pays for itself. You can turn off underperforming ads right away and be confident with your choice. Also, their customer service is the best in the galaxy!!!! James (the owner) is awesome! He even created a custom video to help me solve my problems and is super responsive to any emails sent. This is rare. If you have a problem, like Vanilla Ice he solves it. Do yourself and your store a huge favor and download this app now. This app is mandatory for any successful store.


Having some trouble with the facebook pixel so I figured I'd give this app a test. James has been awesome in providing support and troubleshooting my issue. Going above and beyond my experiences with other shopify app developers.


Fantastic app! The process to add Facebook pixel using the Shopify dashboard leaves out some extremely vital information for your pixel. Pixel Conversion Pro has really stepped up the game and made it so that you can track every aspect of your Pixel. Some of the conversion types it you get to see are Page Views, Add to Carts, Initiate Checkout and Total Purchase. So many other apps, including Shopify itself, have fallen short with the Purchase Pixel, only showing "subtotals" which really doesn't let you see the true value of a purchase. Now you can see the Total Purchase value of a sale, including sale item, tax and shipping costs. If you are doing any Free + Shipping offers, you NEED this app! The best part is that they have solved the issue with people coming back to the Thank You page to check on their order and causing your Pixel to get inaccurate results. Well done! Thank you for creating an app that works! :D And to top it all off, it is way cheaper than any other Pixel App in the Shopify marketplace! Truly a no brainer for anyone serious about their business!

$5.00 / month
7 days


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