Pixel Conversions API Facebook

Pixel Conversions API Facebook

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The Best Facebook Pixel Tracking App

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Facebook Conversions API

Facebook Conversions API will take your event tracking to the highest accuracy possible. We have it fully integrated into our app

Purchase Pixel

Option for the Purchase Event to Include Taxes & Shipping (Yes or No) This is great for Free plus Shipping type offers. Very Powerful

Tracking by Collections

You can track 4 Main Pixels and 12 Collection Pixels. This allows you to break out your pixel ID's by niche. This is extremely Powerful

关于 Pixel Conversions API Facebook

Your search is over! This is the Ultimate Facebook Pixel Tracking App that you have been looking for!

Yes, we have Facebook Conversions API integrated into our app!

Our app is top rated and tracks all the pixel events necessary to train your Facebook Pixel ID's to become Super Intelligent for Optimize Conversion type ads.

We wanted to make sure that our app is very affordable and easy to use for all Shopify sellers. Our price will never go up in the future and all upgrades are free.

Tracking by Collections - using the same pixel to target different audiences is not the best way to run your ads. That's where Tracking by Collections comes into play - you can still track up to 4 Main Pixels (allowing your main pixel to have up to 3 backup pixels), but now you can track up to 12 Collection Pixels. Collection Pixels allow you to break out your pixel ID's by niche, thus allowing you to segment your pixel tracking data to build highly-focused, custom audiences and retargeting campaigns. Tracking by Collections keeps your Pixel Data clean and relevant. This is extremely Powerful.

Global Pixel Delay - This feature will help you prevent High Bounce Rates, when visitors leave your store after viewing your pages only for a few short seconds. This will save you from spending tons of unnecessary advertising money. This is Epic and very Powerful.

Purchase Event (Value Percentage 0 - 100%) - We listen to our customers and we delivered. Amazing Feature!

Purchase Event - Include Taxes & Shipping (Yes or No) This is great for Free plus Shipping type offers and this allows you to figure your real ROI for your ad campaigns when reviewing your ads performance. Very Powerful.

Our app has the correct code that makes sure your purchase events only get recorded once. So if your customer refreshes or revisits their Thank You Page, it will only track the event one time. This will prevent your purchase conversion numbers from being skewed in your Facebook Ads Manager Reports. This is essential!

Included with our app is our Premier First Class Customer Support Team that will help you resolve any issues you may encounter.

  • Unlimited upgrades in the future free
  • All Pixel Conversion Pro training included free
  • Grandfathered into the $5/mo price and the price will never go up in the future

P.S. your 5 star experience is our goal. Please contact our team to assist you with any concerns.



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4.6 评分


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Gadgets Online

Great yet affordable app with consistent support. Thank you for being patient with newbies and walking us through things. We were able to run some backup pixels just in case we had issues with our ad accounts.

Winterly Wear

I just started using this app and it is working fine. I really like the amazing customer support. James really helps you with any question you have and the app is so easy to install your pixel. you can do multiple pixels too which is a great feature, again super easy to set up. 5/5


will do 5 start review right away, because the global pixel delay is a FANTASTIC feature! for me its the best, but in general is very good. keep rocking! super fantastic would be make a event to "time on site" this is possible? best!