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Pixel Hook - Ultimate Pixel Tracking

Pixel Hook - Ultimate Pixel Tracking

Developed by Pixel Plex

19 reviews
Price: $9.99 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Train Your Facebook Pixel to Become Super Intelligent for Conversion Optimization
  • Support Multiple FB Pixels on a Single Store for Niche Separation
  • Builds a product feed to create a Facebook Catalog in minutes

Why Pixel Hook?

While other similar apps offer a few features that you can really consider useful, Pixel Hook is always one step ahead of competitors. Find out why you should use Pixel Hook for your Shopify stores.

The Only Shopify Best Facebook Pixel Tracking App

This app supports and enhances the Leverage Features of Facebook Pixels for your Shopify store. It lets even Marketing Beginners build leveraged pixel data that until now only sophisticated marketing experts could harness.

Find Out How Pixel Hook can Benefit Your Business!

1). Multiple FB Pixel

Pixel Hook is a powerful Shopify app designed to optimize and support multiple Facebook pixels in a single store. Use unlimited pixels in the same cost.

2). Pixels Types

- Master Pixel: Master pixel Will fire for entire store including all products. It will hold the data of all products.

- Collection Pixel: Assigning one or more collections to a pixel to keep firing for only those products which exist in the assigned collections.

- Niche Tag Pixel: Assign a pixel to a specific tag and use that tag into those products where you want to fire the pixel.

3). Advanced Matching

Enables you to send your customer data through the pixel to match more website actions with Facebook users. It improves your ability to track conversions and can increase advertising reach by 5-25%! (e.g If a visitor came from Google then how it will be tracked on Facebook? Advanced matching will help here). 20% increase in retargeting.

4). Product Catalog Feed (Remarketing)

One click uploadable product catalog feed for Facebook. Run DPA (Dynamic Product Ads) and in minutes using Pixel Hook product catalog feed.

5). No Dependency

Pixel Hook provides perfect and flawless compatibility between various Shopify themes.

6). Speed & Reliability

Pixel Hook provies about 99.9% data recovery, No miss firing no data loss.

7). Free Training Videos

Pixel Hook includes free access to our online training about Facebook ads and updates.

8). 24/7 Support

Support is the key to services, and that’s why our clients get free and instant support.

Join our Facebook Group to keep yourself updated with latest Facebook marketing techniques & secrets.

9). Value for Money

Only for $9.99 for a month, you are getting the great app which will help you to grow your business. Manage data in right way which will be really helpful for your future.

10). Importance of Pixel Hook

This app puts you in full control: Niche FB Pixels and Custom Conversions are fired for each product in the cart and thank-you pages. Manage them all with simple tags that are added to each product. Use niche specific Facebook Pixels and Custom Conversions so you can optimize Facebook campaigns and create powerful Lookalike Audiences for even better targeting.

This app takes care of ALL your Facebook tracking pixels in Shopify, even multiple instances of the new "Facebook Pixel" with catalog event data. Pick and choose the best of both worlds and let Pixel Hook conveniently handle your integration.


Please check the following to ensure your Pixel Tracking Success:

  • Remove your Pixel ID from any other Pixel Tracking Apps.
  • Please insure your Shopify Store has no existing Facebook Pixels or Scripts installed.
  • Insure when pasting your Facebook Pixel ID into our app there are no spaces before or after the digits.
  • Please watch our training videos so you can see the entire process and be able to test your pixel events.
  • Please contact us if you have any issues or just need our help.

Pixel Hook - Ultimate Pixel Tracking reviews

19 reviews
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  5. 1 star (5 reviews)

My friend recommend me this app, he is using it over a month and satisfied. I was curious about this new app but i found it good app with good support.


And finally i got rid of the pixel issues. Awesome customer support



Just awesome. Great and accurate results as compared to other fb pixel apps in store. Using it for over a month now.


Very good app seriously
lots of options, works very well, good support
And this is not a fake review ! :)
I recommend it !


Very quick support, thank you so much


Good and cost effective app as compared to other competitive apps.


Pixel Hook is best pixel app ever. I am getting more consistent results after this app. It is faster than other apps as well as nice and clean design which makes it very easy to use.

Support is amazing, they are always ready to help,

Thanks you


Awesome features with great support. I observed my conversion tracking is improving after using this app.



Amazing customer support, amazing tool that allows me to run multiple pixel and much more efficient business, thank you Pixel Hook

$9.99 / month

Take advantage of our 7 DAY FREE TRIAL and start optimizing your pixel today.

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