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Art by Ashley Lane

I've been using pixels as my art printing company for over 5 years. Their quality is great. I just started my shopify store and the base price is even less through the shopify/pixels integration than through my FAA site! I contacted technical support to find this out as i was confused why my prices were different on shopify than through Fine Art America. They responded very quickly and explained why this was - great support and service. That's huge! And the app is free! I would definitely recommend this app.

Rooted Gear

Saw all the high print quality reviews and said let's try it. What a disappointment. The print art for a T-shirt was originally black. Showed no issues when I uploaded. Printed fine with other vendors. So I ordered a sample here and all I can say is they should be shame for the piece of cloth they sent me with faded print that was supposed to be a quality t-shirt. I will definitely not used them ever. Unfortunately, this was supposed to be used with our first commercial. Back to the drawing board.


Wow…I agree with everything I’ve heard and it’s not cool to be the slow one because once you discover comments like these...your trying to figure out why it is not working and I just spent days on this?! All in all, what do you do now ? Pricing is too inconsistently changing not dependable so do you drop shop yourself? What gives ?!

Private Technology Group

I have had this app for a couple of months. I recently realized that the app is not syncing pricing properly with my Shopify store. The worst example is T-shirts that should retail for $28 being listed in my store at $19.

I have been dealing with support for over a week to resolve this issue. At first, they kept thinking I was complaining about the way they bill and kept insisting that the discrepancy was because I was logged in and seeing my cost, not the retail price (not true). After I feel I finally had them understanding the issue, I have gone 5 business days without a response.

I did call in after finally finding a number, but the number leads only to order fulfillment support. The person I spoke with was very kind and willing to help, but she didn't have access or experience to help with the issue. She did leave a bunch of notes on my case, but I still haven't received a reply.

I choose pixels because of their reputation for quality printing, but this lack of support for something as important as the wrong prices syncing to my store and causing me to lose money with every product sale is unacceptable. I even have the advanced shipping rules and upgraded subscription setup to avoid losses with shipping. I didn't think I would have to worry about their app incorrectly doing math on the product prices.

At this point, I cannot recommend this app to anyone.

The Art Shopping Channel

It is true you will not make money with this. As the extra cost for the shipping app and paying up front for Shopify store. Would be nice if they could keep it all in the Shopify store and not have extra shipping app.

Sally Trace Abstract Paintings

The quality is excellent. I used to have my prints shipped to me and then I shipped to the customer because other wholesale printers were not consistent enough with the quality. Pixels takes care of monitoring the quality control so that I don't have that extra work and shipping expense. My buyers love their prints. It changed my life. Abbie is wonderful every time I need help. Having the app convinced me to move my website from another platform to Shopify so it's a win-win all around.

Nature Through Frames

From the surface Pixels can offer your business a lot of value and ease of use for a print service. But the reality is once you use it for almost a year and see hardly any return on sales, accompanied by losing money over shipping/payment integration issues. followed by everything mentioned below on my cons list. its not worth it. Long Story Short If you are a Fine Art Photographer or looking for a professional looking website with access for clients to purchase High quality prints directly from your site using a 3rd party print lab Run away from this one..
-Only app that will work with sopify store for the above use.
-lots of product selections

-25MB File Size maximum (red Flag #1)
-Payment Integration is a nightmare
-Display Images of your FINE ART you want people to BUY with money on your website looks HORRIBLE. and I mean awful compared to the Full Size Image File. (this is more of a Shopify issue but none the less its a HUGE problem)
-for correct Shipping Calculations to be determined on orders (Pixels wont mention this part), you have to Purchase and Install ANOTHER 3rd party shopify plugin (advanced shipping Rules) that does this for you. Thuss making overhead go up, and the value of pixels go Down..oh and if thats not bad enough you have to pay for the entire Year upfront of shopify service just for the advance shipping app to work with pixels properly. so now even if I want to stop using pixels/shopify I wont be able to get that money back. (Huge Bummer)
-user support for this service is horrible
-User Interface (UI) is not great and often times confusing.
-claims to have lots of frame options but on my site it would only allow B&W frame/Matting options.
-uploading new Content to put on your site is time consuming.
-Prices are not any better than its competition

I do recommend that you check out the company PixieSet, They offer Website building,Professional Client Proofing service, a Store that works with 4 different labs you can offer your clients. and much more. I just started with them on a Free account and so far my its so much better than what Shopify/pixels can offer your photography business.

Jillian Chilson Photography

The products are good quality and consistant. The app is crazy quirky and impossible to hear from their tech support.

Retro Java

Of the many of apps I have on my Shopify store, this is by far the worst. I have been trying to login for 3 days now, and the app just takes you in circles (to different login pages). It also gets confused when you try to upload images and create products, and takes you to the purchase point (add to cart) when you're trying to create a product for your shopify store -from within the app! I have contacted their support multiple times and have received no response yet. It's too bad, because I've heard good things about the print quality of Fine Art America but this app (and their support) just aren't worth a damn!

Dane Cory

I understand people's complaints about the base prices being too expensive. I agree when it comes to the non-art related products, which I use other apps for. For all of their art products though, they are the best in shopify. PERIOD. Say what you want about their customer service, but their prices and quality for all of their art print options are unbeatable. On a side note, you have to know who to reach out to for quick customer service. Abbie Shores is the head of the pixels/shopify integration for customer service. She responds immediately and is extremely helpful. The community boards on their website are also super helpful, with a huge community. To reiterate, I've ordered every single type of print they offer and they deliver quick, cheap, and above and beyond quality. If you're an artist this company blows all other shopify POD apps out of the water.

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