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22 de fevereiro de 2024

The main thing you should consider before using Pixels for dropshipping is that they have basically no customer service in my experience. If you have issues...good luck getting a response or any timely advice on how to troubleshoot. Compared to other dropshippers, they do not have a modern or user friendly interface. For example, when a customer places an order on my shop, it can take hours..days...before there is update on Pixels about whether this order was received. It's frustrating to not even see the progress until the order is actually being fulfilled because it makes you think that you order hasn't been received at all. Have had much better experience overall with Printful.

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Data de edição: 30 de novembro de 2023

I was not that pleased with the service I received but in the long run they reached out and corrected the issue only after noticing my review.

I appreciate that.

Aproximadamente 1 mês usando o app
Data de edição: 1 de janeiro de 2022

**** UPDATE 1/1/2022: For at least a month, I get an error (SSL certificate expired) when I try to get to the app. I cannot update my credit card, therefore, any orders that I get from customers are dead in the water (I am helpless & cannot fulfill the orders). Have exchanged many emails but Pixels unable to fix error. Shopify help chat says it's not an issue on my end. **** Pixels has the best selection of wall art types in just about any size imaginable. Using their app, I can add MANY sizes of art all at once to my store. I keep my own list of pricing on hand so I can easily go through and edit the default prices. Tech support is very good if you know who to contact (Alex!).

Kari Yearous Photography
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4 de agosto de 2021

Pixels a multiplié ces prix de ship par 5 pour certains (beaucoup) de produits, exemple: le Weekender Tote Bags son ship pour l'Europe était de 6,14£ , maintenant = 40,00£ pour l'Europe???!!!! sans prévenir, j'ai donc vendu à perte. Je vais bientôt supprimer l'App, plus aucun intérêt....... Dommage

Mais de 3 anos usando o app
Data de edição: 25 de agosto de 2020

For two years I have tried diligently to work with the people and the app at pixels. It’s been a nightmare to say the least I’ve lost many of my good customers due to the fact that their customer service just tells you anything and then it’s usually not true when the package is going to come when it was sent . If they say they sent the package Andwhen it doesn’t come they make you wait 30 days before they’ll will give you a refund then you have to still reorder the item.Then they’ll tell you that I will refund you for the second order often times you don’t even get the refund then they tell you they’re going to send your package out you never still never get it. There is no real customer service it takes an average of 4 to 7 days to get a reply when you inquire about a missing package or why something didn’t ship . The customer service agent will repeatedly ask you in the email the next day the same question that you responded to the day before and then the following day ask you the very same question once again Yes it’s really that bad! You can try to get help from management but it only falls on deaf ears I tried to let the director of Business Alex Young know about these issues several times and nothing changed in fact it only got worse. On one phone conversation he told me to “Kick my can down the Road” It’s wrong that they believe they can treat the artist that funnel the sales to their websites in this way it’s so wrong to treat the customers that support everyone this way. I have an order I’m waiting for them to send out it’s been over 2 months now and I am still asking when are you going to send it? They say we don’t know??? Can you believe that? Don’t waste your time and energy my friends. I read the other reviews and thought it can’t be that bad , No it’s actually much worse than any one has said here. I could go on and on But I’m sure you get the point this company down not care about you or your customers. I hope me sharing my dealings with them helps saves you from the the same troubles. Chris Sebo (Artist)

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Quase 3 anos usando o app
Data de edição: 25 de janeiro de 2021

Update since June 2020 It is now almost the end of January 2021 and after going back and forth with both Shopify support and Abby at Pixels, the app is still not working. Abby says the issue needs to be addressed by their app developer who seems to really not care. I have not ones heard from this developer! Even though the app pulls in my products it does not add them to the Shopify store. I even took a video showing what the app does before it quits to make things easier for the developer to figure out what the problem might be. Yet there is absolutely no response. Don't bother with installing this app, there is no support and it does not work. Review from June 2020
Support leaves a lot to be desired. I had Pixels before I updated my theme and thereby have many products linked. After the update products no longer upload to Shopify and support is basically ignoring my requests for help.

Portraits by NC
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22 de março de 2020

It is true you will not make money with this. As the extra cost for the shipping app and paying up front for Shopify store. Would be nice if they could keep it all in the Shopify store and not have extra shipping app.

The Art Shopping Channel
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3 de maio de 2020

Saw all the high print quality reviews and said let's try it. What a disappointment. The print art for a T-shirt was originally black. Showed no issues when I uploaded. Printed fine with other vendors. So I ordered a sample here and all I can say is they should be shame for the piece of cloth they sent me with faded print that was supposed to be a quality t-shirt. I will definitely not used them ever. Unfortunately, this was supposed to be used with our first commercial. Back to the drawing board.

Rooted Gear
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Data de edição: 30 de janeiro de 2019

DONT BOTHER DOWNLOADING!! These prices are ridiculous! A round beach towel is already $100 plus shipping on top!!??? You can buy the exact same towel on AliExpress for $15 with free shipping!!! I want to sell acrylic prints and the price including shipping is literally 4x more expensive than what I can get it else where.

This is not a drop shipping store.... its just a waste of time!

Black Salt Interiors
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7 de julho de 2020

Choose Pixels if you:

- Want to work with an application that hasn't been updated since 2013.
- Enjoy the idea of being forced to manage your products across three different websites instead of just your own.
- Prefer paying 250% more for shipping than you would with any competitor app.
- Don't care about being able to set the price of your products (could be $30 today, $90 tomorrow).
- Prefer working with a company that has only one rude and unhelpful support person, who makes it very clear that they don't care about your problems.

Don't be an idiot like me, thinking "Fine Art America, that means high-quality prints for my customers!". This app is trash.

Avoid like the plague.

Ars Muri
Reino Unido
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