Pixelz: Photo Retouching

Pixelz: Photo Retouching

Pixelz Services ApS

Refined product image retouching with next morning delivery.

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Next Morning Delivery

Go to market faster. Upload images by midnight and have them back by 9:00 a.m. your time.

Beautiful Images

Attain a level previously reserved for billion $$$ mega-corps. Affordable, immaculate best practice retouching packages elevate your brand

Effortless Experience

Danish design and commitment to excellence create a truly powerful and user friendly interface.

Pixelz: Photo Retouching 정보

Removing the background, cropping, image resizing, and vertical alignment are essential image edits—which Pixelz does quickly, correctly, and easily—but why stop there?

Leading brands and retailers don’t. They use Pixelz to retouch their product images.

Pixelz has revolutionized photo retouching by creating a hybrid image editing service that combines expert Photoshop retouchers with Artificial Intelligence to achieve unprecedented levels of speed, scale, and quality.

Whether you have one image or need a bulk editor for 10,000 a day, finish your pictures professionally by removing props, smoothing creases, reducing wrinkles, improving shape and symmetry, and cleaning up skin blemishes. Reduce returns with color matching, combine images for invisible mannequins and multi-packs, and create consistent shadowing.

And do it all with a couple of clicks and next morning turnaround.

Pixelz photo retouching service has over a 99.9% success rate processing product images for category leaders in apparel, footwear, home goods, and more. No one does it better, faster, and more affordably than Pixelz.

Choose one of our plans depending on your volume, retouching needs, and desired turnaround time. Each plan has a different subscription fee and base image price.


  • Retouching - Remove props, smooth creases, reduce wrinkles, improve shape and symmetry, and clean up skin blemishes. Choose from a wide assortment of best practice, category-specific retouching packages.
  • Fundamentals - Background removal, cropping, vertical alignment, compression, and clipping paths.
  • Shadows - Natural, reflection, and drop shadows add subtle depth that will increase your product’s appeal. Remove the background and keep or add shadow.
  • Color Match - Reduce returns with accurate color. Group pictures together and color match them to a reference image or color value.
  • Invisible Mannequin - Models are expensive and mannequins are distracting. Combine multiple images to keep the focus where it should be: on your product.

How it Works

  1. Install the app - On installation, you’ll be guided through creating or connecting your Pixelz account.

  2. Create a Style Guide - Use Pixelz’ wizard to specify how you’d like your images retouched.

  3. Upload product images - Follow directions to upload images directly to Pixelz.

  4. Publish to Shopify - After your images are retouched, you can review them at Pixelz and then publish directly to your Shopify store. No need for a separate download/upload.

  5. Enjoy - Reap the benefits of elevating your brand in the eyes of visitors!

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14 day free trial period with 10 free image edits. Then monthly plan with base per image price starting at $0.95/image.

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Great App, helps massivly to get professional looking images for shops and ecommerce. Fast, inexpensive defenitely worth the money

The Glo Suite

I use this app to improve the quality of my photos and remove the background, so that all the images are clean and cohesive. The fast turn around time is icing on the cake! You'll love this app.

Tallulah ArtHead

Worked great, got all my images edited and placed! I will eventually have professional product shots, I think, but Pixelz saved me from having one more roadblock to getting launched quickly. I'll use them again and again, I suspect.