All-in-one UGC, Influencer, and Community Management Platform.

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All-In-One Platform

Get user-generated content (UGC), influencer marketing, and community management all in one place.

Drive Sales

Connect community-driven content to inspire shoppers and drive conversions.

Scale Content

Easily find, permission, and publish shoppable social content to any channel.

Pixlee 정보

Looking for shoppable Instagram galleries, influencer marketing, social scheduling, contests, and analytics all in one platform? Enter Pixlee.

Pixlee empowers brands to harness the power of their customer stories across all phases of the customer journey. Drive sales and increase customer lifetime value through authentic community-driven photos and videos.

With Pixlee’s easy to use platform you can find, curate, publish, and optimize content from your community of customers, influencers, and employees. Our seamless connection to Shopify enables you to tie content directly to commerce in order to facilitate product discovery, increase conversion, and increase customer loyalty.

Use Pixlee to:

  • Collect and manage the best content from your community of customers, influencers, and employees

  • Publish community-driven content to any channel such as ads, commerce site, email, and social media

  • Drive sales through authentic content on home, category, and product pages

  • Manage influencer campaigns and republish valuable influencer content through multiple channels

  • Reduce content costs by making community-driven content scale to every team and channel

Pixlee proudly works with hundreds of brands including Morphe, Alo Yoga, Cole Haan, Michael’s, Nixon Watches, Article Home, and Cotopaxi.

Pixlee is a certified Shopify Plus Technology Partner.

Pixlee offers a two-week FREE TRIAL - Reach out to Pixlee to learn more.

Note that merchants must contact Pixlee directly to get access to the Pixlee App.


  • Bronto,
  • Listrak,
  • Klaviyo,
  • Facebook-Instagram,
  • TikTok,
  • Youtube+Pinterest

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MUST CONTACT PIXLEE TO GET SET UP - Annual contract with Pixlee is required to use, please contact Pixlee to learn more.

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가장 최근 리뷰

Mackenzie & George

This app looked great, I had high hopes. However, upon installing you can't do anything other than book a demo, which I did. I reached out on their website chat bot a couple of times aswell, keen to have someone contact me and set the app up. This never happened, so now I've got to find an alternative who would like my money instead.

Swift Lifestyles

Installed the app. Went to open it and the entire app download is just to request a sales call.. LOL

개발자 회신

2020년 9월 24일

Hi there. I'm sorry that this experience wasn't great for you. We have stated in our listing several times that you must contact Pixlee to get set up, as we are not a self-serve app. Unfortunately, there isn't much of an option to adjust it from an app listing perspective (we have asked Shopify to change this because we want to be as transparent as possible). Reviews of clients who have used the platform are essential for our business, so I hope that after reviewing the listing you would consider updating your review. And please don't hesitate to reach out to support@pixleeteam.com if you have any questions! Thanks and best of luck with your store!


Pixlee has been on our PDPs for about a week and it's going great so far. It's really easy to sort through Instagram posts and get permission from users in bulk. The implementation process was easy as well!