Advanced Facebook Pixel App

Advanced Facebook Pixel App

作成: Pixl

More Profit With Less Ad Spend

Pixl Ai

Pixl delivers unexpectedly more data than any other alternative and allows Facebook Ai to learn faster and find customers at lower costs.

Unparalleled accuracy

An innovative combination of machine learning, device analysis, and Ip/URL helps us identify up to 99.5% of unique visitors.


Bypass all limitations from Ios 15, Adblockers, Incognito browsing, VPNs, cookie blockers to get a richer custom audience and lookalikes.

Advanced Facebook Pixel Appの詳細情報

Since the latest updates on privacy by Facebook and Apple...

Many of your potential customers are not seen by your Facebook pixel.

That’s a lot of money you leave on the table.

With Pixl, supercharge your Facebook pixel to get a flood of customers your competition can't reach.

Our In-house PixelMatch algorithm.

Pixl is not only reporting data from Facebook Server-Side API but also using different channels to make sure that you always collect all data available, therefore build a better custom audience, improve your ads performance and increase your ROAS.

It’s your time to take back the power.

Grow your business without any limitations now with Pixl.


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料金 8日間の無料体験

Pixl Max


  • + Unlimited Pixels
  • + Unlimited Events
  • + Pixel Ai Tracking
  • + Real-Time Server-side Tracking (CAPI)
  • + Integrations (OCU, Carthook,...)

* すべての料金はUSDで請求されます。
** 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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Je tiens à renouveller mon avis concernant cette application. En effet, je rencontrais quelques diffucultés avec cette dernière, chose qui m'a embettait car je n'ai pas obtenu le resultat obtenu. Neanmoins, le service client notamment Philippe CEO de l'app qui a pris le soin de me faire une vidéo explicatif de 20 mn afin de m'expliquer le fonctionnement de l'app et pourquoi je n'arrivais pas à obtenir le résultat attendu. Il s'avère que le problème provient plutôt de l'attribution faite par facebook. Aussi, Philippe m'a informé qu'ils sont actuellement sur une Màj qui va nettement améliorer le tracking et donc les performances des Ads. Hate de découvrir cette nouvelle Màj, car ça va être le feu Merci encore à toi Philippe,


Difficulty to say, for me, didn't bring the result expected, but their customer service answer and give me the support and answer requested. Was good to give a try.



Hi Sam!

Thank you for trying Pixl.

We are sorry that the team couldn't respond fast enough to your issue and work hard to improve our response time, we provide 24/7 live chat which is extremely time-consuming.

We have investigated your issue together and it comes up that Pixl has worked perfectly fine and the data attribution issue you have experienced comes from Facebook.

It was our mistake that the trial period of Pixl you got was 3 instead of 8 days, we have fixed this issue for you and offer you compensation.

Best regards,

Philippe, CEO and Founder of Pixl.


Application facile à installer et intuitive. Idéal depuis la sortie de l'IOS 14! Je recommande vivement!