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It was better integrated in Shopify before. Now I have to switch endlessly between screens which is cumbersome and slow.

And still has no watermark feature!

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PixPix已回复 2019年5月3日

Please reach out to our support (using Live chat or Email) to help you resolve your issue, we didn't make any recent change that will change Shopify integration.
Our editor can be used to remove watermarks by using the drawing tool or cropping the watermark out.


I was very upset when this app was taken off of shopify for free (after using it for 3 years). It seems they have improved the issue of it locking up and crashing your work, but the pixel quality and blurriness of pictures is still horrid. I won't be paying to make my pictures look bad. My phone camera edits them better and saves the quality. I'd rather use that and it's free.

The Purple Lily
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PixPix已回复 2019年6月6日

Hi, Please note that our Image editor is totally free and unlimited, We didn't charge your account at all since you've installed our app. We will be happy to troubleshot why image quality is not preserved for products, contact us if you are still interested in using this editor.
Thank you for trying our app


The App claims it enables improving SEO by changing images filenames. But there is no filename editing, inside the app it says that this option is "Coming soon" (!). Just wasted my time by installing and researching it.

Tropical Leather
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There is no way to bulk resize even though advertised, not really user friendly despite other reviews saying so. Not very many uses for this app that you can't get out of a free image editor

Fizz Fairy & Krazycolours Inc.
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