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12. April 2024

An app that promotes "Your customers can choose to support groundbreaking carbon removal technologies". Then you go to add the widget to checkout, so that customers can decide if they want to support this, and you basically cannot. You then are asked from Support to spend 15' of your 60' design time, to have Shopify hard code it at the checkout process. No.

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21 tage mit der App
Shopify hat geantwortet 15. April 2024

Thanks for the feedback and sorry that the app isn't meeting your expectations. While it is not possible to place the badge inside of checkout, the interactive badge for merchants to fund carbon removal can be placed throughout your online store, for example on the home page, product pages, and shopping cart. We'd be happy to get that set up for you if you'd like -- reach out to planet at shopify dot com.

3. April 2024

Salve, ho installato la vostra app, installato il badge via codice (non ho un tema 2.0) ma non succede niente, il badge viene visualizzato correttamente ma in fase di check-out non succede nulla ne viene visualizzato nessun messaggio. Come posso risolvere?

6 tage mit der App
Shopify hat geantwortet 5. April 2024

Grazie per il feedback e mi dispiace che tu stia affrontando questa sfida. È infatti possibile esporre il badge Planet senza Tema 2.0. Ci sono dettagli su come farlo qui:

8. April 2024

Installing this app and putting the widget on my web created big CLS(cumulative layout shift) problems and broke the theme, persisted after unistalling it. This proves that Shopify doesnt know what is doing.

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22. März 2024

Nice idea, but after installing most of the time the "There's a problem loading this page" message in the admin interface. Cache, Cookie Reset etc. didn't help. It's seems to be still in beta.

31 minuten mit der App
Shopify hat geantwortet 8. April 2024

Thanks for the feedback. We're sorry that the app isn't working right for you. We're always working on bug fixes and will catch what is causing your problems asap. We apologize for the inconvenience.

8. Dezember 2023

The app doesn't show the Numbers of Neutralized Carbon correctly. I have been trying to contact the app support but still no response. This affects our business operation and brand image. Please get it fixed asap, thanks!

August Berg
3 monate mit der App
Shopify hat geantwortet 11. Dezember 2023

Thanks for your review and apologies that you haven't had a great experience. Since your post a few days ago, we fixed a bug that was causing data not to load in the app dashboard. There was no lost data, and all of your data will be backfilled.

Apologies again that your experience with Planet hasn't gone to plan. We're going to keep improving the app and sincerely appreciate feedback like yours.

26. Juni 2022

Implementation of the Badget is complicated and not well explained. Showing it on the product page is as I know hardly possible. The Shopify support just answered that I have to hire an Expert just to show the badget on the relevant parts of my Shop. I am disappointed...

Etwa 23 stunden mit der App
Shopify hat geantwortet 29. Juni 2022

Thanks for your feedback, and sorry this was more challenging than expected. Based on your feedback, and similar feedback we've heard from others, we're looking at how to improve this process for merchants like yourself. Thanks for sharing your experience. - Brady, Sustainability @ Shopify