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Plant a Tree

Plant a Tree

Developed by One Tree Planted

11 reviews
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  • Show off your company's commitment to the environment
  • Let customers have a tangible feel-good result that one tree was planted with their order
  • Get a free customized landing page with the total amount of trees your store has planted so your customers know how you are helping the planet


After a year in the Shopify store and hundreds of downloads as well as store owner requests, we have launched our app 2.0.

This app is FREE and provides a pop-up at checkout asking your customers if they would like to plant a tree for $1.00.

If they say yes - $1.00 is added to their order as a donation.

At the end of every month, Shopify will transfer the donations that you have received to One Tree Planted, a 501c3 charity based in Vermont that works with amazing reforestation organizations around the world.

    New Option:

With many requests from Shopify store owners, we now offer the ability for your store to plant a tree for your customers on their order.
At the end of every month, Shopify will transfer the total amount of trees planted by your store to One Tree Planted at $1.00 per tree, per order.

You may toggle this feature On or Off as you see fit. It's great to use during special occasions like Earth Day!

Send customers an email with their order details promoting that you planted a tree for them to enhance the customer experience. Email them back later with a reminder on how that tree is doing, or use it as an opportunity to show off the total amount of trees your store has planted at the end of the year to promote your commitment to helping the planet.

The donations received by customers will be used to plant trees. Every dollar received will help plant one tree. Currently these donations will be used for tree planting efforts in North America.

Trees are vital to our planet as they filter the air we breath, clean the water we drink, provide habitat to over 80% of the biodiversity on this planet, provide jobs to over 1.6 billion people worldwide, help provide medicines for health, help regulate climate and provide social impacts with local communities we work with.

For more information on our efforts and reforestation locations visit - onetreeplanted.org

Plant a Tree reviews

11 reviews
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We absolutely love the idea of this app but unfortunately had to remove it from our site due to the following reasons,
1. were in the UK and can't change the $ sign to a £ sign
2. the pop up message is a little pushy and not for us
3. the graphics of the pop-up & pop up messages can't be edited to fit with our brand
Whilst the app doesn't work for us this does not mean we will not continue to work with 'one tree planted' because we think what you guys are doing is amazing and we will be donating to help plant as many trees as possible.


J'espère que nous parviendrons à replanter énormement d'arbres grâce à cette application.


2nd Edit:

One more feature I would love to see, is the ability to have a slider/counter to set the number of trees I want to plant per order. I know the customer can adjust this in the cart, but for the option where the store owner pays for it, it would be nice to have some flexibility to plant more trees by default. The popup message could use that number to say "Thank you, we will plant X tree(s) for you."

Edited review!

I originally posted some tweaks that needed to happen in this app (adding an X to the popup, and proceeding directly to checkout after adding the tree to the cart), and I'm happy to say that Matt (the developer of this app) has listened and done exactly that!

Great work, it now functions exactly how I felt it should. Such a great concept and a small way for stores to give back, that has a big impact!

Great app - highly recommended!


Really Looking Forward To Using This App!


Love the idea. Really want to use it as our store has a strong tie to giving back, but there are some clear drawbacks that prevent me from keeping this on the store. First, it isn't mobile responsive so the look is less than professional. Second, the look of the popup can't be edited. I'd prefer that the look and feel of the popup match our store, but there are no options to make this happen.

If the developers help make those two things happen then I will immediately put this back up on the store. Again, absolutely love the idea and really hope these updates are made.


great idea however I have to agree with the other reviewers that it needs to be simpler in the checkout process, when you have to many steps customers leave the checkout page, this app has the potential to lower your conversions. Also the message, that says , "No, I don't care about the planet" or whatever it says when the customer chooses not to donate a dollar is imbarassing, please allow us to write our own message.


I was using this app and thought it was brilliant & so did my customers, both online & in store, however due to not being able to change it to £'s & the fact that the decline message is unsuitable for my brand as I don't wish to guilt trip my customers with such a pushy statement (that even I would decline just because of that message) I won't be using the app any more. Please inform me if either of these things change as it's a shame to remove this from my shop.


As stated previously, good idea and we used the previous app & liked it. However, popup message is too pushy and not suitable to fit in with our brand. Need a way to customise it. Also, because we are UK based we would like to use £1 instead - we previously did this by changing the price of the one tree purchase to $1 and adjusting the popup, but doesn't seem possible now. Will be disabling until we can sort this unfortunately.


This app is awesome. I run a sustainable clothing company and this is just what were looking for. Our customers love green fashion and sustainability so this is perfect for winning over their trust and getting the sale.

Thanks so much!


Really great idea! Would love to use this in our online consignment store for used outdoor gear. However, the message at the bottom to decline the donation comes across as too much of a guilt trip. Any way to customize the pop-up? Or change the decline message? Also hoping some of the trees are planted in Canada. I'm not sure if the charity plants in all of North America or just the US right now. Thanks! If there's an update I will definitely re-install!


This app is free to use.

If your store decides to plant a tree for customers on their order, there will be a usage fee of $1.00 per order/tree planted. At the end of every month, Shopify will bill $1.00 per order/tree planted to One Tree Planted.

If you use the feature that the customer has the option to plant one tree on their order, then all donations at the end of the month will be transferred to One Tree Planted, a 501c3 charity. There will be no fees or expenses other then the $1.00 your store received as a donation to plant a tree.

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