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Plug in NPS

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Customer satisfaction survey emails using NPS®

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Gain valuable customer insight

Collect ratings and customer comments and use them to make strong business decisions. Easily view these on your own personalized dashboard.

Compare with your competition

As an industry standard, calculating your NPS® can help you understand how your shop compares to the competition.

Simple survey setup

Simply add your shop's logo and select when you want to send out your survey. Your survey sends automatically to all customers.

About Plug in NPS

Survey Your Customers Using the Proven NPS® method

Net Promoter Score (NPS) uses a standard survey format that asks customers to rate their experience with your shop by responding to the following question:

  • How likely are you to recommend this shop to a friend or colleague?

There is then an option for the customer to provide a more detailed explanation of their score.

This survey method has become an industry standard and is widely recognized as one of the best ways to collect consistent and strong customer feedback.

Collect Your NPS Score and Customer Comments

Your total Net Promoter Score will be calculated and displayed on your Plug in NPS dashboard.

You can also easily view color-coded ratings and comments from individual customers. You can link from customer comments on Plug in NPS to your customer’s profile inside your Shopify admin.

How NPS is Calculated: - Customers who provide a rating of 9-10 are ‘promoters’ - Customers who provide a rating of 7-8 are ‘passives’ - Customers who provide a rating of 6 or less are ‘detractors’ - Net Promoter Score = percentage of promoters - percentage of detractors

Make Informed Business Decisions

Since NPS is a standardized method you can compare your NPS score with external benchmarks in your industry. This allows you to see how your shop is performing relative to your competition.

Customer comments can give you valuable insights into what your shop is doing well and what could be improved. Proactively listening to and reacting to customer feedback can help you improve sales and build brand loyalty.

Start Your Free Trial Now and Set up Your Survey in a Few Simple Steps

  1. Add your shop’s logo (optional)
  2. Select when you want to send out your NPS surveys
  3. Finished!

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Overall rating
4.0 of 5 stars
Based on 2 reviews

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Good information.

The Art Gallery Shop NYC

I already received predictions for growth, very cool, and quick survey app, most business dont know what NPS is or what it stand for. Well, it a simple tool to predict business growth. The NPS stands for NPS, measures customer experience and predicts business growth. In my opinion a must have, its one or two question in for your customers: Thats it ! it is not an annoying survey. it is automatically generated base by research.