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Plug In SEO

by SureSwift Capital

Optimize SEO. Fix Broken Links. Add JSON-LD Schema & Alt text.

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Roxie Cosmetics

Do not hire 'experts'... Spent 500$ to do nothing, they do not even know how to fixe the schema JSON.

Developer reply

July 30, 2020

Dear Dawid,

Thanks so much for sharing your experience with Plug in SEO. We want you to feel comfortable sharing good or bad news with us. We are sorry that your experience with our service fell short of expectations.

Upon checking we see the issue is not with our structured data. You have 3 sets of structured data. The warnings that you are getting are from the other structured data and not ours.

What we can advise is for you to get in touch with your theme developer and they will have a better understanding on how the other 2 sets of structured data works.

PIU Team

Vapester Vaping

I used this app, wrote a review and the review was taken down. I would not recommend this app, period.

Developer reply

June 4, 2020

Hi Nick,

Hope you are well!

I saw the review you left on June 3, 2020, and wanted to address that.

Please note Shopify doesn't allow App partners/developers to edit/delete a merchant/shop owner's review. Only a merchant can edit/delete a review. You can double-check this with the Shopify team. Or check this link check Section 3, Item # 7.

Coming to your review - "wrote a review and the review was taken down" - I believe you are confusing it with the review you left for our other app.

It is still there (we, as app developers, can't delete/edit any review). You can check it here:

We are a small team always looking to provide our customers with the best of the services. In your case as well, we responded professionally and politely and went over and beyond.

Even then, when you didn't find our apps meeting your expectations, on your request, we provided a full refund for both your stores on May 15, 2020 (Shopify refund ticket 79365025 & 79336736). Here is a screenshot -

I find this review strange as everything has been settled, and you have uninstalled our apps and have not been a user since May 12, 2020.

Regardless, we wish you and your business all the success.
If you have any questions, feel free to get back to us on

PM - Plug in SEO

My Event Decor

I paid $480 2 days ago to get a range of SEO issues fixed. I am pretty annoyed to get an automated email from them saying there's a bunch of things that need fixing without listing them and then suggesting I spend $180 to get them addressed.
They tell me my blog post isn't part of my domain when it is, and that my last three posts don't have any internal links to my website (products and other blog posts) when they do.
The "dashboard" is really a funnel to get you to spend more money with them.
Feeling underwhelmed and unimpressed.

Developer reply

May 10, 2020

Hi Elizabeth,

We want you to feel comfortable sharing good or bad news with us. I'm so sorry that your experience with us fell short of expectations.

If you have any questions or would like to follow up with the status of the SEO fix job, just drop me a message here: or on Blimpon. You may also direct message our Product Manager

Lightning Retail

Complete SCAM. Hired to do seo, didn't do 1 second of work and won't refund money. DO NOT USE. SCAM.

Shop Amour Boutique

I have not had good luck with this app. It says "worthwhile to fix" however it doesn't show what needs to be fixed or any other additional information. The overall purpose of this app is to get your to spend additional money without any substantiation to support "issues that are worthwhile to fix". I remember downloading this app early on and uninstalled it because of the same issues and no support when email and requesting support. Nothing has changed.

Developer reply

November 18, 2019

UPDATE November 26, 2019
I haven't heard back from you on this. Support is really important to us. I can see we've replied to all of your queries within one working day- and you're on the 100% free plan with free support.

We're one of the few apps who don't play games with pricing. Our free version offers a lot of features and quality support. It has always been free with completely optional paid upgrades so we can feed our kids.

- Daniel
Founder & CEO

UPDATE November 20, 2019
Hi there, I haven't heard back from you with more details on this. We've replied to all of your emails always within one working day. I know it's a busy time of year for retailers but hoping you can take 2 minutes to update/reply.

- Daniel
CEO & Founder


Hi there, I see you installed the app back in September. You emailed support on September 24th and Libby replied the same day. We didn't get a reply from you until the 26th when you said your free trial was over so it doesn't matter any longer.

The only other mail we have from you was yesterday on Sunday the 17th November around the time of this review.

I'd love to help you out. I can't see in your messages what you're looking for from support. I've emailed you to see how we can help. If you're on free or the optional paid upgrade we respond to almost all queries within one working day Monday - Friday.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

- Daniel
Founder & CEO

The Teddy Rose

Bad App very bad experiences not recommend to others.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Developer reply

October 2, 2019

UPDATE October 17, 2019
Bizarre! This customer installed the app and wrote a bad review straight away. They never replied to any emails, we never heard from them. I have no idea what this 'bad experience' was, I have my suspicions about who actually wrote this review.

If this is real- reviewer please reach out!

- Founder & CEO

UPDATE October 5, 2019
Hi, We've emailed you a couple of times but you haven't replied. I see you've now uninstalled but we never heard from you. Hoping to connect to get this resolved for you!

- CEO & Founder

Hi there! I can see you signed up and requested an install 37 minutes ago. We're fast but not that fast :D Would you like us to help you out?

- Founder & CEO

SWYFT Outlet

Terrible! The app does not actually work, it is just a super fancy ad so that you will pay them $500 to fix your SEO for you. I don't know why Shopify allows this, it is false advertising and they should be removed from the app store!

Developer reply

August 19, 2019

UPDATE September 2, 2019

Hi Maxwell, Unfortunately you haven't replied to my mail.

Installing the app and expecting us to reply to your email within 8 minutes (when you uninstalled) is not reasonable.

We reply to almost 100% of emails in detail within one working day. I feel that's very good for a small dedicated team like ours.

- Daniel
Founder & CEO


Hi Maxwell, This app is not just an ad and you do not have to pay $500 to get anything done.

We were the first free SEO app on Shopify and continue to offer a completely free version with free checks, free fix instructions and free email support.

I see you signed up for the app and requested an install on Saturday at 23:38. You sent another ticket at 23:43 and then wrote your review at 23:46.

We respond to almost all tickets within one working day Central European time. Since your install came in on Saturday Libby on support picked this up on Monday. By then you'd uninstalled and removed our access.

I'd love to get you installed and set up, and for us to help you out with whatever you need on support.

There are three options with the app:

1. completely free version, free checks, free fix instructions and free email support

2. optional Plus upgrade at $20/month for out-of-the-box SEO enhancements and more SEO tools, premium support

3. optional expert fix packages starting at $180/one-off for a human expert to fix SEO problems for you

I've reached out to you on email too.

- Daniel
CEO & Founder

Pool Store Canada

We used this app for 2 days, it totally ruined our theme and we had to load a backup.... The product pages would not load correctly and the related products feature we use did not work after PLUGINSEO was installed.

They tell you what to change on the code side, we had PLUGINSEO do it for us. Even though they changed the coding their system checks still picked up the same issues

Developer reply

May 3, 2019

UPDATE May 15th:
Hi Roger, As discussed on email, after investigating this I can see that it was not our app that ruined your theme.

Since we don't have access to your shop I can't pinpoint what did. It must be a different app or developer. I'd be happy to help you pin down what it was: it can be confusing to diagnose issues like this! The team here has over 7 years experience with that and we won't charge you.

CEO & Founder

Hi Roger, Very concerned to read this. I don't see any tickets from your personal or company email about broken features.

I see you had the app installed for just under a day, Libby did the code install and then you asked a questioned about what happens when you uninstall which Aiza answered.

The code install takes place 100% in the HTML head of your shop. This means it does not alter anything visible on the page and it doesn't interfere with other features of your store.

I've sent you an email to get more details on this. Concerned and want to get to the bottom of it!

CEO & Founder

choices 24/7

Je ne trouve pas comment faire pour régler le problème, d’Alleur je ne suis pas douer pour sa, c'est pourquoi j'envisage de prendre une autre application qui le ferai automatiquement pour moi. La mise en route a était un peut longue, ne le recommande pas, on veut le publier apparemment

Developer reply

March 27, 2019

UPDATE April 1:

Jean, I haven't heard from you since you wrote your review.

I do not see that we have been slow in helping you. Aiza even replied on the weekend outside of our normal working hours.

- you emailed asking if the SEO is automatic

- Aiza replied with a detailed answer
- you asked for the install

- Aiza replied asking for access

- you emailed asking questions
- Aiza replied saying you haven't set up access
- you apologised and set up the access

- Libby installed the code
- you wrote your review
- Miranda / I got in touch, didn't hear from you again

You also mention that you're looking for an automatic SEO solution. We automate as much as we can to make doing SEO quicker and more efficient.

The solutions that claim fully automatic SEO that I've seen offer little real, measurable SEO value and many are spammy. Be prepared to risk a Google penalty!

The best SEO is about building a solid organic traffic source for your shop, gradually increasing over time. That's what Plug in SEO is about.

I'd love to help you with your SEO, just reply to my email.

CEO & Founder

ORIGINAL March 27:

Hi Jean, I see that Aiza helped you out last week with the install and you replied that you were happy.

Miranda also emailed you today to ask for access to investigate an issue you mentioned.

Please approve her collaboration request and she'll investigate this ASAP.

Thanks, Daniel
CEO & Founder

Bold Addictions™ | Jewelry & Accessories

The app is so confusing. Everything has a price. Be prepared to change ur liquid theme code ALL the time, or pay them to do it for you. This app is just a great marketing tool to get ppl to pay for their SEO services. download the app, try it free. Everything will fail the SEO test. Give you instructions on how to change everything yourself. basically re-writing the theme's liquid code yourself (good luck) or pay them to do it. services are expensive too. my website "FAILED" speed test, I could pay them ($$$$) to change this, add that, re-write this, and some other things so my website will be at a faster speed. :/ I tried doing some of the re-coding on my own as they suggested and didn't see any results or get better results from re-doing their SEO test. I've decided to uninstall the app within my 7day free trial. This is the next set of instructions I got

"If Plug in SEO Plus is currently installed in your theme note that uninstalling will mean that the page titles and meta descriptions currently being generated will no longer be. Uninstalling will change a lot of page titles and meta descriptions through your entire shop.

You will no longer have the structured data through your site that Google uses to generate enhanced listings. Broken links will no longer be tracked. You'll lose access to the Keywords checker and all of your SEO settings in the 'Your Plus Benefits' tab.

Like any SEO change this carries some risk of harming your performance on search engines."

I'm hoping I don't screw anything up since all I did was download the app, ask them to change the 1st set of code they suggest needed to be done (since I wasn't comfortable watching all the videos and changing the liquid code myself). There are too many instructions with how-to videos and blogs associated with this app. Seems easier if I could just download an app and the app does everything. Maybe no such thing exist? Whatever the case, this isn't for the novice web owner.

If you love tools with videos and blogs and lengthy how-to emails, this is the app for you. If you need something more basic, look elsewhere.