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12 de enero de 2019

GREAT app! id keep it but $39 a month is A LOT OF MONEY!!! Wish there was a wasy to keep it but a new site making no $$ cant do it!

MaryJanes CBD
Estados Unidos
6 días usando la aplicación
15 de diciembre de 2018

This app is great, and the customer service is fantastic and extremely responsive. They will try to help you solve any issues related to their app regarding your website. I highly recommend this if you are looking for a great review app!!! Thanks so much!

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6 días usando la aplicación
6 de noviembre de 2018

Expensive but valuable, 1 button to min the code (java script and theme code) and image size.
Omg 100 words

5 días usando la aplicación
15 de junio de 2018

I'm going to give this app a 5-star even though I removed it.
The reason I removed it is my theme was already well optimized. The developer spent considerable time analyzing why the app didn't do much of anything for my store... and it was because I already have strategically optimized code.

NOT THAT my store is perfect... it's just the way this app does things was not going to help my site.

I think the concept of how the dev is approaching this is smart. And for some themes, it will help.
I gave the 5-star because the developer is a pro and that says a lot to me.

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5 días usando la aplicación
9 de octubre de 2022

The interface is sleek and straightforward to use. Customer service has been pretty great and prompt responses are always expected within the day. I'm glad I gave it a try.

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4 días usando la aplicación
Plug in Useful respondió 9 de octubre de 2022

Thank you for your kind words, Ezra!

We sincerely thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us and are happy to hear that our team provided you with excellent service. I’ll make sure that they receive your feedback. I’m sure it will make their day!

Kind Regards,
PIU Team

Have a wonderful day!

30 de junio de 2019

This sure was easy to use and at least according to its internal metrics did a lot to improve speed. It looks like its running faster when I check the page myself.

Crystal Aquatics
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4 días usando la aplicación
Fecha de modificación: 19 de agosto de 2020

i really like this app absolutely brilliant app if im honest within 24 hours they brought my page load speed to 1 second from 13 second im so happy with these results and would definatley recommend this app for slow speed loading times
there isnt anything to rate it as bad so i cant comment there iv only had it 24 hours and its done its job

Pretty Lil Covers
Reino Unido
3 días usando la aplicación
1 de agosto de 2020

I used this app to help with my page speed. I am new to Shopify, so I downloaded so many apps, uninstalled them, and before I could even launch my store, it was running slow. I used several apps from Shopify, but none of them had everything I needed. Image compression, removing code that may have been left on my site. I was able to delete 3 free apps and use just this one. In a couple of hours ( I have over 5000 products on my site), it is running better already! It did disconnect 1 app, that I needed, but that was not an issue. I reconnected and I am still running smoothly! Great App! Especially for someone who is new to Shopify, there are a million apps and they don't tell you that installing and deleting apps can affect your site speed! Use this app!!

J&J Home Accessories
Estados Unidos
3 días usando la aplicación
9 de julio de 2019

Great app. Very helpful in speeding up my site. Highly recommended! Get it now!!! Its the best of the best and customer service goes above and beyond to help get your site optimized. Don't miss this one!

Origami Nerd Depot
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3 días usando la aplicación
1 de julio de 2019

This app helped me a lot. My site was pretty slow, but then I installed this app and in just a few clicks it improved my site. Just perfect! Recommended.

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3 días usando la aplicación