Page Speed Optimizer: PI Speed

Page Speed Optimizer: PI Speed

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Page Speed. Image Optimization & Compression. CSS & JavaScript

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Page Speed Optimization

Improve page speed & store load time, and attain better Search Engine rankings. Better rankings = more quality traffic = higher conversion.

Compress & Optimize Images

1-click setup for automatic image optimization. Reduce all image sizes for collection/blog/product images without losing quality.

Optimize CSS/JavaScript (JS)

Compress and minify store theme code automatically. Speed up your store without developers—faster page load speed for SEO & happy customers.

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Did you know?

A slow-loading page or site harms your online business revenue and eventually profitability.


Slow loading sites lead to higher bounce rate (more people dropping off your website) Higher bounce rate = less website traffic Less traffic = fewer sales = poor revenue

That's a nightmare.

The good news is, you can fix all these problems easily with an app that increases your store's speed on both mobile and desktop.

Plug in Speed does exactly this, plus offers everything else you need to speed up your Shopify store and make more sales.


All-in-one Page Speed Optimization App

A fast loading Shopify store is not just about resizing & compressing images. There is more to it. You need to optimize your code & a lot more for better SEO & higher conversions. Here is a comprehensive list of what you get:

  • Latest image size & quality optimization methods from Google
  • Image compression on all pages - home, collection, product, blog, & more.
  • Option to preserve photo quality (lossless)
  • Maximum reduction (lossy)
  • Option to compare image quality (before & after)
  • Option to restore from 30-day backup
  • Theme level CSS & JavaScript optimization - minify CSS, minify JS, inline CSS, inline JS.
  • Mobile & desktop page speed improvement.
  • Auto-optimization of new images
  • New code speed-ups automatically applied

Additionally, with Plug in Speed by your side:

  • No additional CDN is required
  • No developer required
  • WEBP support

Compress images without losing out on quality

We use the latest image compression techniques such as lossless (no quality loss) & lossy Compression (maximum optimization). These help you reduce image sizes by 30-70% without compromising on quality.

Plug in Speed regularly monitors your store for new images & compresses them automatically. Not happy with the compression? We keep a backup of each image we compress for 30 days, so you can easily revert back to the original with a single click.

First Impression Matters

Plug in Speed ensures your store's first impression is impressive. The key to speed optimization is JS & CSS minification & inlining. It minifies & inlines scripts and styles where it improves site speed score & loading time.

It also optimizes new code whenever a change is made.

Improve SEO/Searching Rankings & On-site Conversion

Page speed is a crucial SEO ranking factor. If your shop loads too slowly your search ranking will suffer. Plug in Speed gives you major speed optimizations to improve your search engine rankings. Higher rankings mean more traffic to your site.

Improving page speed also improves website conversion rate. A fast-loading shop means happier customers with speedy checkout! Install today & give your store the speed it deserves. Try it free with a 7 day trial on us.

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  • Google PageSpeed,
  • Google Lighthouse

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Tarifs Essai gratuit de 7 jours

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$39 par mois

  • Optimize up to 10,000 images

  • Compress using lossless or lossy

  • Minify and optimize Javascript

  • Minify and optimize CSS

  • Automatic optimization


$59 par mois

  • Optimize up to 20,000 images

  • Compress using lossless or lossy

  • Minify and optimize Javascript

  • Minify and optimize CSS

  • Automatic optimization


$79 par mois

  • Optimize up to 50,000 images

  • Compress using lossless or lossy

  • Minify and optimize Javascript

  • Minify and optimize CSS

  • Automatic optimization

* Tous les frais sont facturés en USD. Les frais récurrents, y compris les frais mensuels ou les frais d'utilisation, sont facturés tous les 30 jours.

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I've never seen a product worse than this one, and they also want money for it. Pluginspeed broke my site: collection and search pages was broken. Because for this it configured by other app, and pluginspeed modify all files including files of others app even there is comment (Do not edit) or edition is restricted.
Pluginspeed wrongly uses 'include' syntax. Same fatal issue as mentioned by others before: Liquid error: include usage is not allowed in this context
Recommend only in case you want to broke your site. Image optimization, looks like it works but not very effective Lazy loading is not work, was verified on main, collection and product page. Extremely slow support, if your site will be broken or you will have any requests to support, feel free to wait minimum 2 days for reply.


Install the application, and in my theme this error was generated on the web page: Liquid error: include usage is not allowed in this contextLiquid error: include usage is not allowed in this context I contacted them for help with their application inbox and email, and I have no response. On my website I have this error and my income is affected, users do not like the error on the website and decide to close my website. I have no help, and decided to close the application. Now I have to spend an expert to fix the code. I do not recommend installation. My store is Gracias.

Alax Home

es genial ennverdad me ayuda a mejorar la velocidad de mi web. gracias por tofo y al equipo que está detrás