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  • Access high quality product images directly from brands.
  • All images are uniquely generated for your store in sizes that fit your layout
  • Get product-level analytics across your web store

About Plytix

Plytix for Shopify is a one-two punch that links your web store to Plytix Search and Analytics dashboard. This one ecommerce solution allows you to save the time, money, and guesswork that goes into running a web shop, whether you are a brand owner or a retailer.

Get high-quality product images directly from the Plytix product search library. Publish the images from Plytix Search to track conversion rates, add/remove from cart rates, and impressions across your store.

Brands simply sync their product images with Plytix Search using the product feed provided through the plugin, and web stores can start to track conversion rates, add/remove from cart rates, and impressions across product, category, and checkout pages.

Features & Benefits - Retailers

  1. Direct access to a brand-maintained product image library

  2. Get high quality product images as soon as they are made available from brands

  3. Track product-based metrics like conversions, add/remove from cart rates, and impressions of the product across your store

  4. Instantly share product data with your brands without having to create custom reports. This data helps the brands make better promotions, design better products and optimize their supply chain which helps you sell more. See exactly what data you will be sharing here

  5. Get a free Plytix account that allows you to easily analyze and organize your products

Features & Benefits - Brands

  1. Track product-based metrics like conversions, add/remove from cart rates, and impressions of the product across your store and those of your retailers

  2. Understand how your products perform across online channels to help your retailers avoid stock outs, improve online merchandising and marketing

  3. Sync products with Plytix Search to make them instantly accessible to your own store and to your retailers

  4. Get a free Plytix account to analyze your product performance

Plytix is dedicated to making your life easier as an ecommerce store owner. We create solutions that save you time and money. So, we have a team of dedicated product and support specialists who are available to help you every step of the way.

Configuration for brand owners

Because brand owners have their own product images, they must first sync their images with Plytix Search in order to begin tracking data. Retailers do not need to do this step.

  1. Sync images with Shopify
  2. About app permissions

    The Shopify App will request permission to access a couple of resources in your store upon installation. This is necessary in order for the App to work properly. It is totally normal that you may have some reservations about giving an App so many permissions, and for this reason we would like to put your mind at ease and explain exactly how the Plytix app uses these resources.

    By request we will happily show you our source code for the app, we have nothing to hide. You can also contact us at any time if you have any concerns, questions, or comments.

    Modify products, variants and collections

    In order to track data for a product, the app will add a Plytix Product ID in a new metadata-field to products. This ID identifies the product and the site that sends data.

    Learn more about the Plytix Analytics Dashboard and how you can use it here: https://plytix.com/product-analytics-tool

    The ID is added to a product when a picture is added from Plytix, and when bulk matching is performed in order to track data on existing product in stores.

    Theme, templates and theme assets

    The data tracking is facilitated by embedding some javascript on the pages the users visit. The Plytix app need permission to theme, templates and theme assets in order to grab the Plytix Product ID and embed the tracking javascript.

    Read orders, transactions and fulfillments

    To track a product all the way through the sales funnel, the Plytix app needs permission to read orders, transactions and fulfillments in order to track conversions.

    Add a link labeled Plytix Product Bank to the product details page

    The Plytix app will add a menu option to product detail pages that enables administrators to add images to a product directly from Plytix Search.

    These are the metrics we track:

    1. A unique user identifier (e.g.: 7cebaddee623cd), which just tells us which data comes from the same user (without actually identifying him or her)
    2. Session time: we create a session number, same as the user identifier, which helps us know the total time an End-User spends on a site. We close a session after 30 minutes of inactivity (no new actions received)
    3. The following End-User actions:
      • product view
      • category view
      • product added to cart
      • product removed from cart
      • product arrived to checkout
      • product conversion

    4. IP address for country location. We do not store the IP address. Only the obtained location is being collected and processed. (this feature has not yet been implemented)

    Data usage

    Plytix is simply a data processor, you are data controller. Plytix will not use the data for any other purpose than those related to the performance of the service and the terms. Read our full Terms and Conditions here:https://plytix.com/terms-and-conditions

    As we said before, feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions. We would be happy to speak with you!



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