Podify Dynamic Print on Demand

Podify Dynamic Print on Demand

von Green Lunar LLC

POD Dropship Puzzles Face Masks Sequin Body Pillow Yoga Mat

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Customer Print on Demand

The only POD app that lets customers fully design more than 100 custom products from start to finish. Previews are generated in real time

Fully Automated

Once an order is generated we start to produce and fulfil your product to get sent directly to your customer. Automated branding drop ship

Unique POD Products

Alternative to Printful Printify SPOD All over Print Customcat. Custom sequin, face masks, water bottles, tapestries, blankets, AirPods.

Über Podify Dynamic Print on Demand

Podify is proud to introduce a new concept in POD - cPOD (customer Print on Demand).

Our unique POD application gives the power to the customer and allows them to upload any image they want on more than 200+ custom products - live right on your Shopify store! No more tirelessly designing images or endless back and forth messages with the customers - by letting your customer do the designing you can free your time to invest in marketing and building your own unique custom products brand.

Podify Main Features

  • Only design tool that allows your customers to design products in real time with dynamically generated previews. Simple UI leaves out all the guesswork.
  • Fully automated design tool and software. Once an order is placed we produce, fulfill, and ship directly to your customer. All you need to do is drive traffic.
  • Fully reliable. Every product is QA'd before it is shipped out. Every order is sent with USPS or similar service
  • Ships to over 150 countries worldwide
  • Unique Etsy style products not available anywhere else. Dropship face masks, puzzles, Sequin pillows, sequin shirts, sherpa blankets, water bottles, Airpod cases, phone case, yoga mat, body pillow, puzzles, bags, dog shirts, hooded blankets, mugs, phone grips, hats, photo pillows, canvas, tapestry, teddy bears and many more custom products exclusive to Podify

How does Podify Work?

  1. Install the Podify application to your Shopify store
  2. Select the products you want to add to your store (one click)
  3. Connect your PayPal or credit card

With Podify you get

  • 365 days of support via livechat, e-mail
  • Access to 100s of products ready to implement to your website
  • Stress free integration - we do all the work for you and ensure your customers products get delivered quickly and efficiently.
  • Adjustable pricing - price your products the way you want to control your conversion rate and ROI

That's it! Your store is ready to start generating revenue! Once an order is placed we automatically receive the order and begin fulfilling. Within 5 business days we will upload directly to your store a DHL tracking number with estimated delivery date and updates along the way so your customers are confident in your brand.

We are a great compliment to All Over Print (AOP), Printify, Printful, CustomCat, SPOD, Gooten, Teealaunch, Printy6, Prodigi, Gelato, Apliiq

About Podify

Podify is a private company with offices in Tel Aviv and San Francisco. To date Podify's merchants have sold more than 500,000 units worldwide to customers in over 130 countries. Our small but rock star team of designers, marketers, and creators are dedicated to helping Shopify merchants unlock new revenue potential and build a highly profitable custom products brand

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Merchant covers cost of items sold and shipping. No monthly fees or additional charges.

4.8 von 5 Sternen

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SHOPIFY HAS BEEN NOTIFIED AND COPIED ON EVERY EMAIL. On Sun, May 16, 2021 at 02:22 AM, "Podify App" wrote:
Hi Jenise, Our promise is we will send you 2 free shirts but only if you remove the review, that is our promise. We will not send the 2 free shirts if the bad review is still up. If we do not send you the 2 shirts, go ahead and put the bad review back up. If the shirts are bad quality, go ahead and put the bad review back up. Our offer is you get 2 free shirts shipped to you this week if you remove the bad review, and if we do not send you the shirts and/or the quality of the shirts is bad, you can go ahead and put back the bad review. I think that's fair, right? You will have tracking within a couple days if you decide to keep the remove the review.
The following actions are prohibited and can lead to you having your app removed from the Shopify App Store, having your API keys suspended, or being removed from the Shopify Partner program…..
ASKING FOR POSITIVE REVIEWS- Asking for positive reviews creates a bias in the call-to-action of leaving a review and goes against our Partner Program Agreement……
ASKING MERCHANTS TO EDIT OR REVISE NEGATIVE REVIEWS-Every review is proof of you having an active and engaged user base. Positive reviews verify your app’s value, while constructive reviews provide helpful feedback on how you can improve your app. Never retaliate against a merchant for leaving honest negative reviews……
LEAVING OR PAYING FOR FAKE REVIEWS ON YOUR OWN APP-Never attempt to boost your sales by creating fake reviews that deceive merchants. You should also never leave or pay for fake reviews on a competitor's app to create a competitive advantage. https://shopify.dev/concepts/app-store/being-successful-in-the-app-store/managing-app-reviews

Antwort des Entwicklers

16. Mai 2021

EDIT: You are right. We made a mistake. We should not have offered to send free sample shirts you claim you are entitled to after you left your review. We really wanted to find a middle ground and settle things and we were not up to date with this policy, so we are happy nothing was sent and nothing will be sent. We will learn from this experience and will use it to continue to improve our service and platform. We wish you well and good luck with your business.

hi Jenise,

We have no idea what you are talking about. We did not delete any reviews. We cannot delete reviews.

We are not accessing your store. We have no way to access to your store. This is not possible. Our app release an update, which is why you saw the notification in Shopify. Every app that releases an update shows this. It does not mean we accessed your store or made any changes to your code. We have nothing to gain by doing the things you are accusing us of.

We are sorry if there was a miscommunication. We never mentioned anywhere in any chats or emails we will send you free sample shirts. We asked for proof where we said we will send free sample shirts but the only response we received was blackmail saying you will only remove the review if we ship you 2 free shirts, at 100% our expense, and only then maybe you will update your review. I am pretty sure that is against Shopify policy but that's for Shopify to decide.

We work very hard for our merchants and we are sorry if we did anything wrong. We have no motivation but to help you out as best as we can. We have no ill intentions whatsoever - we always try our best to help. And we never asked for anything in return.

Best wishes to you and we apologize if we did not meet your expectations.

Podify App


Podify is being a great help, Fantastic support. they have great products with a good shipping rate, Podify is a growing company and they are eager to work. i really love them.

Antwort des Entwicklers

16. Mai 2021

You are very welcome! Keep doing a good job with your business. We are happy we are able to help


Podify has *fast*, fantastic support. Everytime I send a message, I get a speedy, thoughtful reply. Their products are great, and their app is constantly being improved upon. Anytime there is an issue, Podify's been there to help. If you're looking for an app that takes your suggestions and feedback seriously, this is the one. Podify, thank you for being amazing ❤️

Antwort des Entwicklers

27. März 2021

You are very welcome Puzzery! We thank you for your support and nice words. We will continue improving and make the best POD app possible and greatly value your feedback to help get us there