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18 juli 2024

We switched from a competitive platform to Polar and couldn't be happier. The ability to see (and trust!) our data at a high level gives us peace of mind and direction in carrying out our marketing strategy.

Polar's team is friendly, accessible, and helpful. Working with a team that cares about their product as much as we do is refreshing.

Optimal Health Systems
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4 juni 2024

Excellent app that offers really great insights. The level of support you get from the polar team is outstanding, really willing to help, teach and go the extra mile.

Very valuable asset to our business.

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3 april 2024

Polar Analytics has really strong core functionality... it encompasses the vast majority of our marketing activities and gives us a single pane of glass to look through as we assess and optimize activities.

What makes Polar truly special in my opinion is the level of support and customer care that comes with your subscription. Their team preaches that in their sales pitch... and they truly follow through on that commitment. They've built custom connectors for us, have looked into entirely new features, and have been working hard to build them out for us in order to give us more value out of the platform. Highly recommend working with Polar.

Waiākea Hawaiian Volcanic Water | Store
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23 april 2024

It is the best tool for retrieving and analyzing Shopify data. With the dedicated support of the Polar team members, the onboarding process is made easy. Reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks and gain more insights.

올버즈 | Allbirds
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25 maart 2024

We've been using Polar since the beginning of the year and we couldn't be happier.

Now, with Polar, it's possible to go deep into each of the metrics and customize each one to the specific vision of our business. Not only has it brought clarity to many media metrics through attribution models and the customer journey, but it has also allowed us to concentrate all of our business data on a single platform. An easy-to-use platform, with a great interface and continuous development and improvements.

It is worth highlighting the excellence of the support team, which always replies incredibly quickly and delivers solutions and explanations.

Home Story
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26 maart 2024

Very good support, goes out of its way to help you and is extremely responsive! At the service of its customers and super available to help you on time.

Ma formation strass
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7 februari 2024

If you’re looking after more than one Shopify site, Polar Analytics is a must-have. It pulls all your data into one place, making it way easier to see how your shops are doing. The best part? You can tweak it however you like. Think it up, and you can probably do it with this tool.

Getting started is easy, and soon you’ll be seeing your shop's info clearer than ever. The dashboard is simple to use, so everyone on your team can jump right in and find what they need without any headache.

It's not just about seeing how many sales you've made. You get to understand your customers better, see if your ads are working, and spot new chances to grow your business.

What really stands out is the Polar Analytics team. They’re always there when you need help, super friendly, and actually listen to what you need. They keep making the app better, adding stuff that users ask for.

If you want to make smarter decisions for your shops based on real data, Polar Analytics is the way to go. It’s more than just an app; it’s like having an extra team member who’s always got your back. Highly recommend it for anyone wanting to up their online game!

Quad Lock® Australia
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18 maart 2024

Great app, it's easy to use and the account is always there for our doubts

Polo Club
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22 januari 2024

We were looking for a solution to build our new internal dashboards. We were previously using a 100% GoogleSheets solution, which had the advantage of being 100% customized for us, but was way too slow and manual, not scalable.
We've tried Polar and were convinced in a matter of weeks. Everything we were looking for was possible with this solution.
Also, when we make feature requests, we are listened and heard. One request we had made was implemented within a month!
Top quality software, and a super dedicated and genuinely nice team.
Thanks Polar!

The Loveteam
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11 december 2023

Polar Analytics has been incredibly helpful for reviewing our overall performance of our store. I've used all of the tools, Northbeam, Triple Whale, Whatagraph, etc., but there's just something special about Polar Analytics that these tools miss.

Polar Analytics does a really great job of summarizing overall performance and communicating that quickly. While allowing you to easily segment across different countries and product lines. I can quickly determine how much we're spending across each segment to help optimize performance. The platform has been super helpful for creating weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and annual reports for our senior team.

The team is super quick with adding new updates, and I love how I have the ability to create custom reports. Super nice touch starting with their AI to generate the report that I can then finesse into the final version. Super cool!!! Nobody is doing that.

Can't say enough good stuff about Polar Analytics. HUGE FAN!

Only Curls
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