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14 januari 2024

This app is a godsend. We've been struggling to find a BI app that will allow all our data to be seen in one place with an easy-to-use and visually pleasing dashboard. Not to mention the affordable price. And onboarding was a breeze with our dedicated account manager. We truly recommend Polar! Looking forward to more integrations and connectors.

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19 december 2023

Great experience to use it and very straight forward as data driven for all eCommerce store. You can reach them from time to time and won't feel bored as you will see the value with them.

Sage and Paige AUS
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12 december 2023

One of the challenges of having multiple brands across multiple stores is seeing both blended business wide data and also store by store granularity, Polar makes this a dream!

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27 september 2023

Polar has completely changed the way we work for the better. If you have multiple stores, ad accounts, email marketing etc, you need to try Polar asap. UI is amazing, support is super helpful and you can easily create your own custom metrics and dashboards.

MoveActive Wholesale
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8 december 2023

Our business has quite complex needs when it comes to reporting and blending data. After searching for a tool that checks all the boxes (price, ease of use, functionality, customizability) Polar is by far the best option I have found! It has added so much to our BI toolbox, and I am constantly using it to find actionable data points. And the team is super!

Modular Closets
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15 december 2023

Polar has helped us get a better overview between all of our different channels by consolidating data into one place, especially in regards to marketing spend.

Aquor Water Systems
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27 september 2023

Excellent product that makes data easier for our marketing team. The ability to see all channels in once place with a well designed UX makes this part of the business fun to manage. Highly recommend.

Freedom Rave Wear
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4 september 2023

Polar Analytics has been a really valuable tool for our commercial and marketing reporting. We've been using this for a while now, and throughout this time we have been seeing more new features which has been great - always good to see our feedback being incorporated into making the product even better. The customer service is excellent too, with speedy and helpful responses.

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29 oktober 2023

Highly recommend using Polar for your e-commerce business!
The platform is fantastic in collating and blending the data from your respective sales channels to drive better decision-making. The dashboards and custom reports give you everything you need at the click of a finger. There is of course a bit of set up required depending on the complexity of your sales channels but the Team at Polar are super helpful in getting the platform to where you want it to be.

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16 november 2023

We just hopped on the Polar train, and I've got to give a shoutout to the amazing team. They've been super hands-on, tackling any questions that popped up from the trial all the way through onboarding. Everything's been a breeze so far, and we're pumped to crush our goals now that we've got Polar

Rocky Mountain Oils
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