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PollCart: Social Commerce

PollCart: Social Commerce

Developed by PollCart

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  • Increase Sales and Referrals with Social Commerce
  • Reduce Abandoned Shopping Carts with Peer Participation
  • Consumer and Product Confidence Comes from Trusted Sources

This is Jim. Jim wants to buy a new guitar, and he thinks he found the perfect one. But he has to research it first. Ask friends, his band, read reviews, check with his wife. He waits for responses, but he might never get them – and he might never make the purchase. This is the e­commerce black hole.

But there’s a better way. He can check out right away, then get feedback from his social network. Friends are asked to respond in 24 hours, and when they do, approving Jim’s order, everything is finalized and the order is shipped.

With PollCart, embrace social commerce to grow sales, improve sell­through, and reduce returns.

Your customer, rather than entering the black hole shares their purchase with their social circles, getting input from product experts and those who share their finances, like Jim’s wife. When they respond, you’ll get anonymous product feedback.

And with this simple request they’re introducing their friends to your brand and products. Jim polled Ben, and now Ben’s buying a guitar, too. Now that’s SocialCommerce.

With Social Commerce your customers reduce upfront research time, intuitively share your brand and products, buy products instead of abandoning their cart, and return fewer items because they’re assured of their purchase by their friends.

PollCart is my patent-pending e-commerce plugin that seeks consensus from a buyer’s inner circle after checking out before the product bills and ships. PollCart gives buyers the confidence to buy, a reason to share and incentive to keep a product, making retailers money on increased sales, shared referrals and decreased returns.

Our API creates a landing page for each purchase made with poll results, peer comments and product referral information. The buyer enters their circle’s phone numbers or email addresses as part of check out, initializing emails and texts including product photos and links their friends can easily respond to. Once a majority of peers approve the purchase within 24 hours, the item bills and ships.

Retailers will save money as their customers do their marketing for them and make money as their sales and referrals increase. Customers will experience surprise and delight in the form of validation from their friends and effortlessly become brand evangelists.

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We charge 4% of the total sales plus shipping price for an initial PollCart sale and 8% for a referral. The referrals are calculated if the referring link from a sale comes from a PollCart landing page, PollCart text message or PollCart email or if a new buyer in your store uses an email or phone that was polled prior to their first order in your store.

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