作成: CartRev

The affiliate app that replaces promo codes & external links


Reach More Customers

Your best advocates are your most loyal customers. Empower them with a custom storefront to leverage their communities & trusted influence.

Ditch Unreliable Tracking

Coupon codes and affiliate links are cumbersome and exploitable. Set up new partners in seconds without lifting a finger.

Watch Sales Grow

Access your complete analytics suite in your dashboard. See full data transparency over campaign & individual partner performance.

CartRev の詳細情報

CartRev makes it easy to identify and turn your customers, social media users, and fans of your brand into digital partners that sell and promote your products on social media platforms.

Before CartRev, brands had to use external links or reference codes to track affiliate sales. These methods are not only inefficient and inaccurate, but buyers began to lose trust in influencer marketing. CartRev has created an end to end solution that provides both brands and their sellers all necessary technological resources to improve affiliate sales and management.

With the CartRev Shopify app, Brands can easily sync their inventory between their Shopify and CartRev. CartRev optimizes a custom storefront for social media check out that is a native experience for users. When buyers make a purchase on our platform, the Shopify integration will automatically reconcile inventory to your Shopify store, trigger order fulfillment, and let buyers use your payment processor tied to your Shopify account. After the initial setup, you let us do our job and watch the extra revenue come in!

Brands can now turn any excited customer into a Partner by using a simple link, with no limits on additional Partners. Posts with user-generated content are significantly more trustworthy for buyers and have higher conversion rates, so these existing excited customers are a huge gap in the market that no brands are currently capitalizing on. We help you capture this piece of the market.



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Custom pricing based on company revenue. Exclusive pre-sale through 10/31/20 including 0% transaction fees

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