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Facebook Prospecting and Retargeting Ads on Autopilot

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JENCO Skincare

They placed malicious redirect scripts on my website. Evertime a mobile user visited my site, they were redirected to a spam site. Do NOT use this app!

Funky Auto Tallinn

Nothing but BULLSHIT. As always
Nothing but BULLSHIT. As always
Nothing but BULLSHIT. As always
Nothing but BULLSHIT. As always

Rocky Mountain Roastery

The Pollen App is a complete waste of time and money. After a frustrating session trying to get the app installed, we got a facebook add going. After 2 weeks the app claimed we had received over $600 in revenues, while our reports said more like $67. Pollen said it was data coming from facebook but it makes you wonder......does facebook pump up these reports they send out?


Overpriced and did not get any revenue. Did not publish my ad correctly either and did not change my requests. Would avoid at all cost.


charged me $100. made me create my own ads and then published them ALL wrong. wrong text, landing page, images, etc.. been trying now for over a week to get them to change it, but they don't.


Didn't work but they charged me.

Fierce Berry

Was never able to get it to work. This is not as user friendly as it claims to be. First you have to design your own AD's but they don't give you much information other than the AD cannot be more than 40KB. After designing an AD I found it didn't look right in their preview as parts of my first AD were cut out,
After about 90 minute of editing and reloading all 3 ADs I finally was ready to start my campaign but it would not start and my ADs kept being deleted with no warning of what the issue was. I read the FAQ but it didn't help and instead of live chat help they had a messaging system I really didn't want to use at that point. Uninstalled it, Facebook AD's is much more user friendly.

Mae Inspirations

I do not recommend using Poin. I had rather high hopes, but have been drastically disappointed. To begin with, their reports leave much to be desired. But, my largest concern is that their reports do not match up with mine, their report stated I received nearly double the clicks from their campaign than I really did. If you are currently using Poin I recommend you look into how many clicks you are actually receiving in comparison to what they are saying that you received.

Also, customer service is not as expected. When I inquired, very politely regarding the incorrect click count, I received a very generic message back stating they could not help me and I needed to message elsewhere to receive a response. I'm sorry but if there is an issue as large as a customer concerned with falsified reports I would do anything I could immediately to assure the customer that was not the case.

All in all, I advise you to spend your money elsewhere.


Very poor App, very poor results. I do not recomment it.

The Bark Co

Worst experience: they get the money in advance, and you get almost no traffic (my site, no traffic at all). When you ask them in the support page, you get no answer. I'd like to get my money back but I don't get any answer from them... I do not (strongly) recommend it.

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