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Messenger & WhatsApp • Back In Stock • On Sale Alerts

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Omni Opt-in Button

Customers can opt in for product alerts directly from product pages. Let them choose their preferred messaging app. Collect 1st party data.

Automate Relevant Alerts

Back-in stock, new product drop, price drop, onsale, new collection etc. Also recover abandoned carts. All via direct message.

Live Commerce

Sell directly from live streams. Automate DMs to commenters based on responses. Collect opt ins and drive traffic to product pages.

ShopPop ‑ Omni Opt‑in Alerts 정보

With ShopPop’s Omni Opt-in Alerts, you can engage your customers with timely and relevant alerts on WhatsApp and Messenger.

Both SMBs and A-Brands trust ShopPop’s alerts to improve messaging along the entire customer journey. Set up in minutes and completely automated.

What are Omni Opt-in Alerts?

ShopPop’s set of tools lets you create and automate timely, relevant alerts for messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, and (soon) Instagram DM. Completely no-code and works out of the box.

  • One button, many automations, any messaging app. Works with Whatsapp, Messenger, and soon Instagram DM.
  • Send timely and relevant alerts. There are message templates for every step of the customer journey.
  • Smart and automated. Set it and forget it. Installed in minutes.
  • Messaging app of choice. Let your customers decide where to receive your messaging.

How does it work?

Install ShopPop’s Omni opt-in button for your store and let customers opt in to timely alerts such as:

  • Back-in-stock DMs
  • New product DMs
  • New collection DMs
  • Price drops on items
  • Or let customers create filter alerts

Grow Your Audience On Messaging Apps

Customers can receive these alerts on their favorite message app such as Whatsapp or Messenger. Preferred messaging apps differ per region, so we make sure you offer them all.

Improve Your Engagement And Cart Recovery Rates

All alerts have over 95% open rates and send customers back to your store, increasing engagement and sales. Abandoned carts are automatically recovered.

Collect First Party Data

Opt-ins can also be used to collect more first party data and automatically build your customer base. Sync data with Klaviyo or other customer data platforms for better insights.

Save Time On Installation And Manual Tasks

ShopPop Omni opt-in alerts are installed in minutes. Simply set it and forget it. Your alerts will be sent automatically.

Run Livestream Commerce, Live Chat, And Customer Service

Omni opt-in alerts work with WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram DM. The platform also enables you to run livestream commerce, live chat, and supports customer service.


  • Zapier,
  • Messenger,
  • WhatsApp

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Tenergy Nutrition

Very easy and user-friendly to set up. I use the app because of the possibilities to give customers the right customer service for their favorite platform. I'm very excited about the tools that are coming out. I really like the innovations!
I am very happy with ShopPop.

개발자 회신

2021년 9월 30일

Hey Tenergy Nutrition Team,

Glad to hear you're enjoying ShopPop!

When creating the platform we worked really hard to condense all our features into an easy-to-use dashboard. So I'm glad you found setting up your account easy and user-friendly.

Please feel free to reach us at anytime via live chat or email



We are using the app in our store. Works perfect! I would recommend it to all marketing driffen webshops around the world


Just what I was looking for to grow my store and audience. Pretty simple to set-up campaigns etc. Super responsive and helpful support too :)