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Redigerat 6 mars 2024

Previously i gave a 5 star review because their support was good. But im changing to 1 star and also uninstalling because I needed it to be NOT displaying on certain pages. They insist that its already not showing but every device im using is showing. I have lost sales because of this app.

TbT Arabic Dial Watches and Islamic Gifts
7 dagar användning av appen
CartKit svarade 7 mars 2024

Sorry that you faced this issue. Let us know if you can reinstall the app, and we'll look into it right away! We haven't had other customers complain on this yet, but if you re-install the app I can guarantee we can fix the issue within a few hours :)

22 november 2023

The coupon code doesn't show up.

3 månader användning av appen
CartKit svarade 23 november 2023

Hi there! We apologize for the inconvenience you faced.
We checked the pop-up on your store now, The coupon is showing.
We've reached out to you via email to see if you have any questions regarding this. Best of luck :)

Edit: please note that the coupon code appears once the customer enters their email address and hits subscribe. See screenshot: https://share.zight.com/GGuyjQlL

If you want a popup where the coupon code appears right away, you can always add the coupon code directly into the popup as a text element!

24 november 2023

showed for 1 minute then i edited it and it disappeared

Ungefär 2 timmar användning av appen
22 november 2022

Rules too limited. I can set the seconds before the popup starts, but once closed I can't re-initiate for less than 7 days. Makes no sense.

10 månader användning av appen
CartKit svarade 27 november 2022

Hi there, I apologize for the delay. When a customer closes a popup, we've generally found that a week is a good timeframe between when they see the popup again. However, it makes sense that this should be a configuration option. We'll reach out to you shortly.

6 oktober 2023


6 dagar användning av appen
2 april 2021

I haven't been able to even use the app because I can't get past it asking me to enter my email. nothing happens .. I've tried 4 different times now and I'm annoyed and over it. Don't even bother downloading it doesn't work.

7 månader användning av appen
CartKit svarade 2 april 2021

Hi, we've sent you an email to learn more about the issue you're experiencing. Please get back to us when possible.

Update April 24: We've reached out to this customer several times, but haven't been able to get a reply. This issue has been fixed!

17 november 2023

The only page I needed a popup was on the checkout page but this app doesn't work on that page unless you have Shopify pro.

Third Space
16 minuter användning av appen
CartKit svarade 18 november 2023

Hi there! This is a limitation with the Shopify itself and apps don't have a way around it. Please see documentation here, which confirms that only Shopify Plus stores are able to use checkout extensions: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/checkout-settings/checkout-extensibility/checkout-apps#availability

Redigerat 29 juni 2023

Une semaine après avoir contacté le support pour un popup qui ne s'affiche pas (bug confirmé par l'équipe du module), je n'ai aucun retour, ni aucune correction du problème. Malgré mes nombreuses relances, l'application ne fonctionne pas. Je précise également qu'il semblerait qu'il n'y ait aucun suivi puisqu'à chaque fois que j'ai recontacté le module, le même membre de l'équipe m'a demandé quel était le problème...

7 dagar användning av appen
CartKit svarade 29 juni 2023

Bonjour, Nous vous avons contacté hier et il y a quelques jours pour demander l'accès à votre boutique, mais nous n'avons jamais reçu de réponse. Nous nous excusons pour la gêne occasionnée. Nous travaillons activement sur le correctif.

Redigerat 4 april 2023

After a few tests, I saw that this app is not GDPR compliant. It is using Google Fonts and can be loaded before the consent popup. In other words, cannot be blocked and there is a potential risk of leaking of IP addresses using Google fonts.

Baby Sunflower
4 dagar användning av appen
CartKit svarade 4 april 2023

Update April 6, 2023: We've removed the Google Font dependency and are in-touch with the customer to resolve this!

Hi there, this has been escalated and we're looking into this now. We'll be in touch shortly.

8 oktober 2023


17 minuter användning av appen