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Poplar Mail


Create automated personalized direct mail campaigns

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Fast, Automated Mailings

Automatically target shoppers based on Shopify events with postcards or letters and have them arrive in-home in under a week.

Personalized Mailer Content

Easily customize postcard content based on purchase or cart data with dynamic HTML templates.

Abandon Checkout Retargeting

Convert high intent shoppers with direct mail retargeting triggered off Shopify abandoned checkouts and other high intent behavior.

Poplar Mail 정보

Bringing Programmatic Marketing to the Physical World

Poplar is a programmatic platform for direct mail with a user-friendly front-end that allows users to set up on-demand, trigger-based direct mail campaigns. You can easily integrate your Shopify store with the Poplar platform to automate direct mail campaigns and hit your potential customers with a tangible piece of marketing. Poplar offers dynamic postcard or envelope/letter design & advanced targeting.

Send Physical Mail Just Like Email

There are a variety of use cases for the Poplar app including retargeting of users who abandoned checkouts, as well as a host of CRM/lifecycle marketing events that you can define. Simply use automated direct mail just like you would use email - targeting different audiences based on online or transactional behavior. Our targeting options in the app include:

Abandon Checkout: automatically send direct mail to potential customers who abandon the checkout process in your Shopify store to get them to convert. Post Purchase: send mail with an optional delay to customers after a purchase to request a review or cross-sell/up-sell complementary products. Canceled Order: bring customers who cancel an order back to your site with an offer code. New Customer: send postcards introducing your brand to a new customer after their first purchase or send them an upsell/cross sell postcard at a specific time frame after their first order.

With powerful filters, you can create granular triggers based on criteria including order count, product title, order value, and more. You also have the option to delay your mailing for a period of time after an event is triggered, allowing for even more control over your campaigns.

Get in Your Audiences’ Mailbox Fast

Creating an automated direct mail campaign takes only minutes in Poplar. With standard and first class mail options, you can get your mail in-home within a little as 3-5 weekdays - while your brand is still top-of-mind.

Send Personalized Postcards

Customize your postcard designs on a 1-1 basis with dynamic HTML creative to drive higher response rates. Include custom merge tags such as customer name or location, and drive to custom URLs or phone numbers, just like you would in an email.

Knowledgeable Support

Our dedicated support team is available through chat and email to help you along the way.

Real Time Tracking

Track each mailer’s journey with tracking updated in real time. You’ll know when every piece of mail is in production, in transit, and when it’s been delivered.

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Free to use — pay per postcard or envelope sent.

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