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Redigerat 3 maj 2021

This app pretty much sucks. It's not user friendly and it's difficult to figure out how to design the pop-up form to function exactly the way you want it to. I'm thinking it's because I have the "free version." Forget reaching out to the support team. All they do is send you a video that doesn't address the issue you're struggling with. My problem? My customers are filling out the form with their email address but never receiving the discount code once they hit "Submit." I have no idea how to correct this problem and apparently, the support team doesn't want to take the time to help. I think I'll just un-install this app and look elsewhere for a better experience.

Mer än ett år användning av appen
23 juli 2022

I was excited to use this as it actually had the scratch feature that is very interactive for customers whereas other apps claim to have a scratch feature and it was just a “click” to get the code. I liked that, that’s the only reason why you got two stars besides that I did all the installation edited everything , looks really good, (editing was finnicky, having to make backgrounds transparent repeatedly to get rid of ‘wave’, very time consuming).linked to my Shopify and it’s nowhere to be found on the website and to make matters worse there’s no help, email us or contact us button anywhere to get in touch with them. I’m gonna have to delete it and re-download the app I had previously that doesn’t have the fantastic scratch option

A’Lei Beauty
10 dagar användning av appen
Redigerat 14 oktober 2020

Brought our speed down from a bad 47 to a terrible 23. Have to admit though, that we did not consult them about it. Anyway, not a big fan. Edit: Due to very energetic (but friendly) efforts by popt.in to make me delete this review I checked again with IT to figure out if the problem was caused on our side and my harsh feedback was unjust. As far as we could determine, the delay was caused by jQuery libraries loaded by the app, although these were already integrated in Shopify. This decision was taken by the programmers to ensure an optimal function of the popup app, but if not fixed this can lead to these awful delays.
As shop owners we had to learn the hard way, that most of the apps come at a price. You fix one thing or get a cool feature but on some end it makes something worse or even breaks a crucial function. And you will not be warned in advance. In this case Shopify flagged our bad site speed (new feature, cool!) and we digged into the potential source. This is how we found out that it was cause by the popup app. I can understand that I`m being a bit hard on these poor app developers by a crushing 1* review, but I see this as a responsibility on developers side to consider also the harming effects of their app. The popt.in team is very engaged to fix this now and this is why I gave them a second star. But still I was in a situation I didn´t want to be in in the first place.

9 dagar användning av appen
Poptin svarade 14 oktober 2020

Hi there!
Thanks for the feedback.

We wish you would contact us, we would be more than happy to help!

The app doesn't increase the load speed. Our code loads asynchronously to your website, using CDN and a very compressed code (less the 1kb).

But if there is any chance, there is an easy fix. You can read the bottom of this short article: https://help.poptin.com/article/show/113237-will-poptin-slow-my-site

Please contact us anytime and we will guide you or do it for you :)

18 februari 2023

The product is so clunky that I had to uninstall it as soon as I added it to my shop. There are plenty of better options out there.

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