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Popup Coupon Slot Machine

Popup Coupon Slot Machine

Developed by shopyapps

Price: Free – $4.99 / month More info
  • Turn occasional visitors into ‘hot’ leads.
  • Turn leads into sales by following up with a highly targeted email.
  • Sell more & expand your customer base.

We are proud to unveil the 'Slot Machine' - Demo Shop

The traditional Slot Machine is the most engaging game of all times (link) , constituting about 70 percent of the average US casino's income. → This got us thinking. → If this works so well for casinos why won’t it work just as well for online merchants?

This is exactly what we did! We repackaged the gaming experience of a casino’s slot machine into a beautiful application that lets you effortlessly share a familiar sense with your customers of fun and entertainment.

Do you know Google’s “I'm feeling lucky” button?

It’s like adding it to your shop. This feature gamifies an otherwise very boring experience. If it works for Google why not give it a chance yourself, for free?


  • Email Collection & Validation

    Collects all your leads into an easily exportable list of emails. Automatically validates that the same user hasn't registered twice. This makes sure your customers get a fair chance of getting a discount without breaking your bank.

  • Coupons & Discounts

    Handle your coupons codes and discounts through our Slot Machine. We automatically create these discounts and coupon for you so you can focus on turning your visitors into leads!

  • Fully responsive

    Beautifully aligned on mobile and desktop as well as highly configurable. You can decide when your visitors see the popup - You can set it to mobile, to desktop or to both.

  • Decide exactly how lucky your customers get

    Set the probability of each discount. If you don't want to offer a 50% discount just set it to 0. If you want to offer a 5% off just increase its chance to 100%.


  1. Q: How does a visitor get his coupon code?

    A: After a user enters his email address he'll get the chance to play the slot machine. Once the slots lands on a discount he'll have the opportunity to copy the code and apply it in on your store's checkout page.

  2. Q: Can a user use the same code twice?

    A: No. Each code is created on the fly, specifically for the user now playing the slot machine. It's a one time unique code, useful only for one purchase.

  3. Q: How does email validation work?

    A: First we make sure the email actually exists, and is in a valid form (include a '@' and a qualified domain). Then we make sure the same user hasn't already received a coupon code by making sure his email hasn't previously been entered to your shop's list of leads.

  4. Q: Where can I find my leads?

    A: Exporting your leads is the easiest part. Simply click the "Export Leads" button to receive all emails in a "CSV" format that can easily be imported into any email listing service.

  5. Q: Where can I see and manage all the created codes?

    A: We integrate completely with Shopify's Admin dashboard. In order to view and manage the coupons we created simply go to your shop's 'Discount Panel', available through: shop-name.myshopify.com/admin/discounts

  6. Q: I can't see my popup, where has it gone?

    A: In order to prevent abusive usage of the discounts your store offers, we only show the popup to new users. If you can't see it, enter the shop in your browser's 'incognito' mode

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This is a genius app It is great! Smartest thing i've seen in a long while. i hope you make more apps. thanks!


so far so good, waiting to see how people take to it :)

Free – $4.99 / month

$4.99 per month for all features

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