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Experts in delivering fresh goods to your door

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Over Portobel Shipping

Portobel is a best-in-class service for last mile deliveries

Portobel delivers direct-to-consumer and certifies the trusted handling of perishable and high-value goods. We provide a best in class customer experience for the last mile in your delivery chain with plug n' play capabilities in order management, fulfillment and delivery. Our mission is to connect producers directly to their end consumers and to provide a perfect last mile delivery experience.

Fleet Overview

Portobel uses a hybrid network of dedicated drivers using refrigerated and conventional cargo vans and gig drivers who make shorter deliveries using their own cars. Our fleet is instrumented with Portobel’s sensor technology. All vehicles in the fleet are able to communicate the real-time location and temperature of everything we carry.

Trusted In-Person Delivery

Portobel offers a contactless delivery service. The Portobel Shipping service sends alerts and updates to recipients to share progress about arrival times and to increase the likelihood of meeting recipients when they are at home or at work.

Delivery Areas

Portobel delivers regionally from our packing and shipping hubs in Los Angeles, Orange County and the San Francisco Bay Area. We provide customers with a complete list of in-network delivery zip codes as part of our on-boarding process.

Delivery Days and Times

As part of the on-boarding process, we will agree on which day(s) of the week you want to deliver your goods. Orders from Shopify accrue until this day, and then we optimize the routes for all your orders and notify customers of expected delivery windows.

Payment and Pricing

Portobel charges customers a base per-shipment rate that lowers with increased monthly order volume. Long distance deliveries and bulky item deliveries may incur additional surcharges. The price you pay Portobel is agreed upon as part of the customer on-boarding process.

Getting started with Portobel:

Step 1: Sign up to the Portobel network

Work with the Portobel team to onboard your company to the Portobel service. After you’re signed up, your Shopify app is ready to integrate immediately.

Step 2: Select your delivery areas

Each Portobel customer can select delivery areas they want to serve with the Portobel delivery service. Portobel will appear as a shipping option in checkout for deliveries shipping to areas that you have selected to cover with Portobel.

Step 3: Start collecting orders!

When your customers select Portobel at checkout and complete their purchase, a shipping order is automatically created in the Portobel system, and this kick starts the route planning and delivery scheduling for your orders.

Join us -- we connect producers to direct to their customers!

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  • temperature,
  • humidity,
  • shake,
  • light exposure,
  • temperature tracking,
  • shipping reports






  • One route per delivery plan
  • Optimize deliveries on a map
  • View time arrival time estimates
  • arriving soon and delivered notifications



  • Up to 5 routes per delivery plan
  • Optimize deliveries on a map
  • View time arrival time estimates
  • arriving soon and delivered notifications



  • Up to 10 routes per delivery plan
  • Optimize deliveries on a map
  • View time arrival time estimates
  • arriving soon and delivered notifications

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** Terugkerende kosten, inclusief maandelijkse of op gebruik gebaseerde kosten, worden elke 30 dagen in rekening gebracht.

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