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5. juni 2024

Easily change product prices during checkout using Shopify POS.

Plantopia Corner
6 dage bruger appen
Filljoy svarede 7. juni 2024

Thank you so much Plantopia for the kind review!

Redigeret 29. marts 2024


I originally requested the ability to restock item when returns occur and they did update the app quite fast to fullfill that need.

X Reima EU Development 2 FI
Cirka en måned bruger appen
Filljoy svarede 19. marts 2024

Hi Jonni,

We are currently working to add functionality to support restocking with our app after customer returns occur. Thanks for your feedback, we will be in touch when this is ready in the coming weeks.


14. juni 2024

Very responsive and helpful support team!

Hilliards Chocolates
Næsten 3 år bruger appen
Filljoy svarede 17. juni 2024

Thank you Jonathan and team, it's been a pleasure working with your stores!

Redigeret 20. marts 2024

Doesn't work with new shopify POS go.

Kind of a disappointment for us personally; app doesn't finish loading when attempting to set it up.

In addition, it seems to be in beta for the pos go.

Edit: After the developer personally reached out to have it fixed for us, we still ultimately decided it was a poor solution, as it duplicates your products in order to handle them through another sales channel. This is ultimately a duct-tape solution you want to avoid in the first place, as it fragments sales history and gathers more back-end work.

Solution I proceeded with: Creating a new store that will ONLY host POS device products and use the inventory transfer between stores to handle the new pricing rules for a different channel.

The application has a lot of promise if it can deliver on being a truly variable-priced solution.

I will wait to revise my review upon a revised functionality that avoids duplicating my skus, which was a process I could already do with exporting .csv files and re-importing them as new products.

GB Wear
26 dage bruger appen
Filljoy svarede 20. februar 2024

Hi Eric, I'm sorry you experienced this issue with our app. This issue was on Shopify's end, and their engineers have to date been unable to figure out what was causing it. We emailed with you and worked to release a working tile for Shopify POS GO a few days after you wrote this review.

I checked your shop's billing history with our app and you were never billed for our app. We invite you to reinstall our app and give us another try.


Redigeret 31. oktober 2023

Its the only price changing app that works. Very helpful support and has addressed the majority of my needs.

Palm Professionals Tropical Nursery
Cirka 4 timer bruger appen
Filljoy svarede 20. oktober 2023

Hi Gary, we're sorry you ran into issues while using our app. Based on your review we identified that we had a bug in our newest tile that resulted in stock not being deducted after sales - we've since fixed this going forward and apologize for the inconvenience.

We actually have a setting on our end we can enable for your store where the items won't expire so that you can use them for invoices or to send carts to customers. If you'd like us to enable that for you, please let us know.

We appreciate the feedback and hope you'll consider giving us another shot.

13. december 2022

This app is huge for us to be able to sell variably priced Christmas Trees and our custom planter arrangements. I'm not sure how we would do it without this app. So glad this exists!

Mere end et år bruger appen
Filljoy svarede 14. december 2022

Thank you Lawson for the kind review!

19. februar 2022

We use POS Variable Price products to sell bulk chocolates at a variable price based on weight. Using a simple variable-price tag with products in your Shopify store allows you to adjust the price for each sale if the product is customizable or based on weight or quantity. The developer is extremely responsive and we wouldn’t have been able to migrate our business from Square to Shopify without this app. Overall highly recommend.

Philadelphia Candies
4 måneder bruger appen
31. marts 2021

This app is very helpfull when an item is not scanable for some reason because you can easy put in the price ánd cost price! Absolutely GREAT and very happy with the perfect support of Derrick! Thanks a lot!

Dresses Boutique
Holland (Nederlandene)
Cirka 2 måneder bruger appen
10. maj 2021

I used this app to help me enter products at the point of sale that had a different price depending on how much of the item they bought it has been really useful. Derrick is really helpful and quick to respond to any questions. I am More than happy to recommend both the app and derrick to anyone.

Square Farm Shop
6 dage bruger appen
Filljoy svarede 10. maj 2021

Thank so much Ryan for your kind review, glad the app has been useful!

15. maj 2023

This app has helped us efficiently run our store with nearly all price-embedded products. Whenever we have questions or something that needs a small fix, their support is fast and always gets our problems resolved. We also use some of their other apps for our store. Highly recommend!

Feltz's Dairy Store
5 dage bruger appen