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Post Affiliate Pro - Professional Tracking

Post Affiliate Pro - Professional Tracking

Developed by QualityUnit, s.r.o

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  • Build your own affiliate program with ease
  • Flexible and scaleable solution even for most demanding merchants
  • Complex tracking and analytics tools available

Post Affiliate Pro now supports easy to use one-click-and-done integration with Shopify via our new plugin. To put it simply: No knowledge of code is required. Just login with your credentials, go through initial settings and you are ready to go.

Functionality of Post Affiliate Pro does not end here. It can very well become an engine behind your company's growth. With features like real-time sales tracking, action commissions, private campaigns or mobile apps, you can stay on top of your business and make it more successful.

Post Affiliate Pro Features

  • Track what you want, where you want

    Rock solid tracking with multiple methods like impression tracking(when a customer sees a banner but does not click on it), action tracking (this way you can track really anything, starting from user watching a video to signing up for a newsletter). Post Affiliate Pro even has an option for offline tracking via coupons codes

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  • Joining a campaign? Matter of minutes

    Affiliate signup is the other area where Post Affiliate Pro really shines. Users who are interested to join your campaign can do it via simple login form and then use customisable affiliate panel to track their performance. Manual or automatic approvals of new affiliates are fully at your disposal.

  • Pre-made promotional materials

    Your affiliates are ready to start promotion campaign in mere minutes. Post Affiliate Pro offers tons of pre-made materials like link banners, picture banners, promotional e-mails, text links and others. You as a merchant can specifically prepare these materials for them and then it is usually question of simple copy & paste to a website code.

  • Affiliate payouts

    Paying your affiliates could not be more simple. Post Affiliate Pro is not a payment gateway, however, it allows you to export a simple file that will automatically make a mass payment via services like PayPal or even your bank.

  • Action Commissions (CPA - Commission Per Action)
    The Action Commissions feature is one of the flagships of Post Affiliate Pro. It gives merchant the option to define particular actions that will result into payment to affiliate. You can define commissions per download, page visits, registrations and more.
    Unlike most affiliate software solutions, Post Affiliate Pro allows you to track any action and pay commissions per action (CPA) to your affiliates.
  • Rewarding your top affiliates
    If you want to succeed with your affiliate program you need to have a possibility to identify you best partners. Importance to keep your Top Affiliates eager to sell more your products is sky high. Here is an example: Did you know that 90% of total revenue in affiliate programs comes from the top 10% performing affiliates?
  • Fraud Protection
    The Fraud Protection system in Post Affiliate Pro serves as the Nightwatch and monitors all system generated transactions. Automation module will automatically decline fraudulent transactions.
  • Quick Reports & Super deep analysis features

    In a simple Quick Report interface, you can see a list of all tracked events, such as commissions, sales, clicks etc. for specific periods of time of your choice.

    If you prefer more complex analytics, advanced reporting tools are at disposal as well. Use the Export tool to export data to CSV or Excel.

Plugin features:

  • One click integration directly from Shopify page

  • Easy initial settings process

  • No knowledge of code is required

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