Thank You Page FAQs

Thank You Page FAQs

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Add a Thank You Page FAQ to your Order Success Page

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Improve Customer Experience

Customers still have questions after the order, offer them answers before they even ask.

Lower Your Support Costs

Every question asked by a customer requires labor. Lower your support costs by proactively answering questions.

Update Your FAQ As You Need

Our customizable FAQs let you change or update question answer combos whenever you want.

关于 Thank You Page FAQs

Setup A Custom FAQ To Answer Customer Questions On Your Order Thank You Page!

As a merchant you know that customers have lots of good questions, but those questions don't stop after the order has been placed. Help give your customers an amazing order experience by fielding their questions in the form of a FAQ on the order success page.

We have built a fully customizable FAQ that gets displayed on the order success page. Use this area to field questions that you often get once an order has been placed.

Example Questions:

  • How long until I receive my order?
  • How do I change my shipping information?
  • I picked the wrong item, how do I change my order?
  • Will I receive a confirmation email?
  • What is your return policy?

The options are endless.

Post Purchase FAQ is great for any merchant that:

  • Wants to cut down on customer service requests
  • Wants to give customers an amazing post order experience

We support:

  • A fully customizable FAQ with an unlimited number of Question and Answer combos
  • FAQ gets displayed live on the Order Confirmation page
  • Track how many views your FAQ has gotten and see which question answer combos are the most popular

How it works:

  1. After installing the app, you will create your FAQ
  2. Add your question and answer combos
  3. Click "Publish" on your FAQ
  4. Your FAQ will be served live to all new customers on the order confirmation page



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  • Customizable Post Purchase FAQ
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  • Store with more than 1000 orders / month
  • Customizable Post Purchase FAQ
  • Analytics Dashboard

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Really nice easy way to provide additional information to our customers to learn more about the product while they wait to receive it.