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4. marraskuu 2020

Just started using this, but I can see where this will be a SUPER profitable app. So excited to have this in time for BFCM!

Bark Party
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CartHook vastasi 5. marraskuu 2020

We're happy to see that you're getting a 5-star experience at Bark Party! We can't wait to see you soar during BFCM!

4. heinäkuu 2022

Best post-purchase upsell app available - by far. I'm surprised at how customizable it is for the price I pay for it.

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23. marraskuu 2020

I like how simple it is use use. Since my makeup company started using it we have seen up sells every single day. Can't complain about that.

Hank & Henry
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CartHook vastasi 24. marraskuu 2020

Thank you so much for the positive rating, Hank & Henry! We're happy that you're happy, and we're looking forward to continuing to skyrocket your store to the next level with post-purchase offers. We appreciate your support :-)

Muokattu 2. joulukuu 2021

Amazing app, generates tons of revenue for us. And we even haven't started to optimize, excited to see what we can achieve

Turn Me Royal
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CartHook vastasi 2. joulukuu 2021

Amazing, thank you for the review! We love Turn Me Royal here at CartHook where your artists turn you and your loved ones into beautiful pieces of royal artwork. What a great gift idea for the holidays!

8. marraskuu 2022

This app does exactly what it claims to do! Simple set up, no code, and super easy to build custom offers to once a customer has checked out. We have seen loads of extra revenue coming in that would not have been there otherwise since all revenue driven from this app was revenue that would not have been there otherwise and doesn't hurt conversion rate since the offer does not show until a purchase has already been completed. The funnels are super powerful which allow for very tailored offers with if/then statements that determine which offers to show to each particular user. The support and team behind the app has been 10/10 as well, providing various tips and best practices to get the most out of their app. The only downside, which is a Shopify limitation, and not CartHook's fault, is that the offers do not show to users who check out via certain 3rd party payment processors, which means not all of your traffic that fit each funnel will see your offers. This is something I'm hoping Shopify resolves, which would make this app even that much more powerful since a high % of our traffic checks out with Sezzle/Afterpay for example.

Sparkle In Pink
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4. syyskuu 2022

I like the Carthook app. It's simple and easy to use. We have definitely increased our AOV with use of this app.

Tactical Force Gear
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13. tammikuu 2021

Been using this app for about a month now and it is great. Just yesterday for example I had 11 total orders, 7 of them had a Post Purchase Upsell through CartHook, which is really amazing! Just one thing though, unlike Zipify OCU, this app does NOT automatically add a tag to the orders in Shopify. I have raised this to them a month ago and they said they were working on it, but still it hasn't been added as a function. It is very important as most third party fulfilment apps do not recognise the PPUpsells.

ZUODU Umbrella
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CartHook vastasi 9. helmikuu 2021

Hi! Thank you for the review. We greatly appreciate your feedback.

Since our Post Purchase Offers app utilizes order editing instead of creating a new order, Shopify recommends requesting your fulfillment app to use the "create_at_max" in the Orders API and add a time buffer to ensure any order created within X minutes is not fetched at their default sync interval. Our recommendation is to delay order syncing with 3rd party fulfillment apps by 30-60 minutes.

We are continuing to build out new functionality, so stay tuned! Feel free to also reach out to our support team for any additional questions or feedback. Thanks!

1. joulukuu 2021

We have done hundreds of thousands in revenue through cart-hook now and it has been pretty great for us. I wish there was a little more flexability on the upsell flows and how many offers you can create. I also wish you didnt lose historical test data. Other than that it has been perfect for our needs!

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CartHook vastasi 1. joulukuu 2021

Thanks for your review, we love Slabway here at CartHook! We appreciate your feedback, stay tuned for more great enhancements coming in 2022!

Muokattu 19. tammikuu 2022

Years ago, I heard a marketing guru say, "The best time to ask a customer for more money is right after they've just given you money." CartHook contributes nearly $10K/month worth of additional revenue in upsells -- we generally use a simple message of, "would you like an extra bottle for X% off?" The app is extremely easy to set up and use, and CartHook tech support is very helpful and quick to respond. Highly recommended adding this app to your Shopify!! :)

Jigsaw Health
6 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
CartHook vastasi 19. tammikuu 2022

Hi Jigsaw Health, thank you so much for your feedback! What amazing advice from that marketing guru, totally aligns with our vision here at CartHook. Cheers to many more years of additional upsell revenue!

- The CartHook Team

14. huhtikuu 2021

We're seeing great success with CartHook's post-purchase offers (+30% lift). The funnel was easy to implement and their team was very responsive when we reached out for guidance on best practices. Would highly recommend CartHook to any business looking to increase AOV.

Hope Health Supply
6 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
CartHook vastasi 14. huhtikuu 2021

Wow, over 30% lift? You are killing it! Thank you so much for your review. Please let us know if you need anything else at all.