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2. marraskuu 2020

I'v been waiting for this app all my life. Can't wait to see the extra profits it brings me this holiday season.

sorta fancy
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CartHook vastasi 3. marraskuu 2020

Thank you for the five-star review! The CartHook team is very excited to see your AOV skyrocket this BFCM! Cheers to a successful holiday :-)

3. elokuu 2021

We use Carthook in many different ways to help with our marketing objectives. It is very useful for upsell items as well as sale items that we are trying to blow out. It is very easy to use and the analytics are great.

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CartHook vastasi 3. elokuu 2021

Thank you so much for the review. We are glad you are finding success with our app, HydroJug!

16. joulukuu 2020

Great upsell app. Generated a lot of revenue for me. Looking forward to upgrades to help customize offers more

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CartHook vastasi 17. joulukuu 2020

Thank you for the five-star reply, VitalSleep! We're so thrilled to hear you're seeing great results with our app. Cheers to a successful 2021!

3. lokakuu 2022

Carthooks support team made our funnels super easy to set up during our trial, quick plug n play. After generating more than our target revenue during the trial period, Carthook is now a staple in our apps and has continued to raise our AOV. A great low-hanging-fruit app to install. Highly recommend.

Mr Pool Man
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23. maaliskuu 2021

I have been waiting for Shopify to support something like this for 5 years. Nothing will drove your AOV's higher than Post Checkout upsells. As of the time of this review it only works with Credit Cards (not Shop Pay, PayPal, or other gateways) but hopefully Shopify will loosen the reins a bit here and allow support for other gateways. Should at least be able to do PayPal.

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CartHook vastasi 23. maaliskuu 2021

Hi SideShaper! Thank you so much for your review. We are glad to hear you are seeing an increase in AOV!

We also can't wait for Shopify to support wallets and other payment providers in the near future, stay tuned!

22. marraskuu 2022

App is working well. Easy to use and analytics are very helpful. Great customer service too! Tina is great and has helped us with ideas on different funnels.

Fulton Fish Market
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29. lokakuu 2020

Carthook always offers great support and they are always there to help!
Big fan! I tested the app even if is very basic for now it does what it says. Looking forward some more out of the box funnels and design customization

Kettle & Fire
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CartHook vastasi 2. marraskuu 2020

CartHook loves Kettle & Fire! Thank you for the 5-star review, and we're all very grateful for the continued support. Here's to a successful BFCM!

2. joulukuu 2020

Carthook has increased our AOV by 24%. Every Shopify store should be using CH to increase AOV and LTV. Setting up a funnel takes 5 minutes and has easily been the most impactful change we've made to our Shopify store to drive revenue.

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CartHook vastasi 7. joulukuu 2020

Thank you for the five-star review! CartHook :hearts: Disco! We're so glad to hear you're seeing results! Here's to continued success and a great partnership!

9. elokuu 2021

CartHook is a MUCH better alternative to Zipify OCU. In short, I'd say the main reason why I like it better is because it doesn't come with weird rules/restrictions like Zipify OCU does. For example, with OCU you can't add text without also adding an image, and it's missing some basic features like image carousel. Every ecommerce website since the 90's has had an image carousel, yet Zipify OCU doesn't. CartHook suffers from neither of these annoying (and quite frankly, embarrassing) problems that OCU has. CartHook is simple, powerful, and it just plain works. There are obviously some restrictions with the app which are probably Shopify's fault (they only allow certain elements to be edited on their native checkout). But other than a few nitpicky things, it's great. One small thing I wish it did was that when you click an image in the image carousel, it would automatically select that variant from the drop down menu. Example: You click on the image of the red shirt, and it shows the red shirt in the image carousel, but I wish it also selected that variant from the drop down menu. This is a relatively small thing, and overall, CartHook works great.

Joyride Harness
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CartHook vastasi 9. elokuu 2021

Thank you so much for your review, Joyride Harness.

We're happy that you're happy, please let us know if you need anything at all!

3. lokakuu 2022

App is working well so far. UI is easy to use, liking the design of the upsells better than some of the competitors. No issues so far.

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