CartHook Post Purchase Offers

CartHook Post Purchase Offers

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Build post-purchase upsells | Accept with 1-click | Boost AOV!

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Increase Average Order Value

Add one-click post-purchase offers between your checkout and thank you page for an instant AOV boost.

Build High-Converting Upsells

Create offers triggered by what your customer buys with sophisticated display criteria. The no-code, drag-and-drop editor makes it easy.

Trusted by Top Shopify Brands

Add new revenue and boost your AOV by joining the original, post-purchase experts.

Su CartHook Post Purchase Offers

Boost your AOV and create new revenue fast with no-code, one-click post-purchase upsells.

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Increase your revenue (without increasing traffic)! Use CartHook to show customers post-purchase upsells, triggered by what they just bought.

Offers are displayed immediately AFTER the checkout and before the thank you page, when customer loyalty is high. There’s zero risk of cart abandonment, and shoppers can accept or decline with one-click. No need to re-enter any payment or shipping info.

Start your free 14-day trial and see why stores increase their revenue by an average of 10% with CartHook.

How it works

1. Get set up fast, without a developer

Install the app and start delivering upsell offers in minutes, with our no-code installation. Works seamlessly with Shop Pay, PayPal, and customized Shopify Plus checkouts.

2. Customize offers based on what your customer just bought

Deliver highly-effective upsell offers with sophisticated display criteria. Add a second upsell or downsell to each funnel, and offer subscriptions as an upsell.

3. Design offers seamlessly with our drag-and-drop builder

No-code editor so you can create upsell pages that convert at an average of 15% with our no-code editor. No designer needed!

4. Measure the results

Robust built-in analytics let you see your new revenue and track your AOV boost. Compare funnel performance and monitor conversion rates.

5. Get expert support and guidance

We’re here for you! Book a 1-on-1 demo, connect with live in-app chat support, and let us give you free strategy consultations and funnel reviews.

Key features

  • Works with the native Shopify checkout
  • Customers accept with one click
  • Trigger offers based on cart content—product, variant, collections, tags—order value, item count
  • Add a second upsell or downsell in each funnel with accept/decline logic
  • Quickly set up multiple funnels for a high number of SKUs and collections
  • Upsells automatically inherit your Shopify theme to match your brand
  • Offers look great on mobile and desktop devices
  • NEW! Offer subscriptions as an upsell using any Shopify subscription app
  • NEW! Track sales with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and 3rd party tracking pixels
  • NEW! A/B test your offers to maximize conversions

Promotion ideas

Shopify stores see BIG RESULTS with these upsell strategies:

  • Bundle: offer socks if you customer bought shoes
  • BOGO: offer a second item of what your customer just purchased
  • Volume: offer a discounted item to customers who purchased multiple items
  • Inventory management: move extra items with discounts
  • Samples: promote new products, mini sizes, or related products

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Si integra con

  • Recharge,
  • Google Analytics,
  • PayPal,
  • Shop Pay,
  • Facebook Pixel

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Growth plan


$50/month + 1% of post-purchase revenue

  • Fee is 1% of NEW REVENUE from post purchase offers
  • Unlimited post-purchase funnels
  • Analytics and insights
  • Responsive, top-notch live chat

Scale plan


$250/month + 1% of post-purchase revenue

  • Unlimited A/B testing to optimize your upsell funnels
  • Metrics clearly determine which offer set performed better
  • Concierge support

Enterprise plan


Starting at $500/month for stores making $50k/month or more in post-purchase revenue

  • Post-purchase revenue assessment
  • Additional flat rate plans available. Get in touch with us.

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4.1 stelle su 5

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Turn Me Royal

Amazing app, generates tons of revenue for us. And we even haven't started to optimize, excited to see what we can achieve

Risposta dello sviluppatore

2 dicembre 2021

Amazing, thank you for the review! We love Turn Me Royal here at CartHook where your artists turn you and your loved ones into beautiful pieces of royal artwork. What a great gift idea for the holidays!

ProLon® Fast

This app is amazing if you want to make money on your website. A perfect way to get up your average order value.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

2 dicembre 2021

Thank you so much for your review! Increasing AOV and LTV is what we aim for here at CartHook. ProLon® Fast has definitely found the secret to post-purchase success, congrats!

Prolon FMD

I use Carthook for Post Purchase on all my stores. It has been my secret weapon for sales, our post purchased take rate is over 18%. I'm surprised that everyone does not use it.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

2 dicembre 2021

Woohoo! We're so happy you are seeing success with CartHook Post Purchase Offers, Prolon You are killing it, congrats!