Checkout Upsell Offers

Checkout Upsell Offers

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One click post purchase checkout upsell offers to boost AOV

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One Click Post Purchase Upsell

Add Post Purchase Checkout Upsell offers to your store and boost the Average Order Value per customer. Set up in minutes and go live.

Native Checkout Integration

No coding required. Set up a one click post purchase checkout upsell offers in minutes. The app works natively with your store checkout.

Customizable Funnels

Trigger Checkout Upsell offers based on conditions like items in order, quantity count and more. Customize offers easily

Over Checkout Upsell Offers

Checkout Upsell Offers to Grow Average Order Value (AOV) per Customer

Checkout Upsell Offers integrates seamlessly with your native Shopify Checkout. And it helps you grow sales showing relevant offers after customers make a purchase.

Create the Post Purchase offers in minutes: 1. Choose the product you want to upsell 2. Create an offer and set a discount (percentage, fixed ) 3. Customize the product description 4. Go live

Easy to use

Create Checkout upsell funnels effortlessly in a few clicks. Choose products for upsell, create offers and go live

Native Shopify Checkout integration

Checkout upsell offers display right within your Shopify checkout flow and uses the Shopify's Post Purchase API.

One click Upsell

Add one-click post-purchase offers to your checkout and boost the average order value per customer.

Trigger offers based on conditions

You can trigger relevant upsell offers based on conditions like Items in the order, order total etc.


Your Upsell offers automatically inherit the checkout design. You can also customize the upsell product descriptions, titles, CTAs and more.

Key features

  • Unlimited Post Purchase Checkout Funnels
  • Works seamlessly with the Native Shopify Checkout using the official Shopify post purchase API.
  • Customize offers - add a title, description, customize the buttons and more.
  • Track Revenue easily
  • Trigger upsell offers based on conditions
  • Awesome support


Post Purchase Upsell offers only work with select payment options like Shopify Payments. Most direct payment options that work within Shopify Checkout are supported. Its a limitation imposed by Shopify itself. Digital wallets, off-site payment options, redirect payment methods will not work. Official Shopify documentation on the limitations:


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This is an amazing app! Super easy to set up and use for post-checkout offers. Also, Ramesh from the support team was very quick to reply to my questions and helped to resolve any doubts. The app works well and seamlessly along with the native Shopify checkout. You can add a post checkout offer based on a specific product someone purchases or amount, and there are various rule options that can be optimised according to your needs. Overall, this is exactly what I was looking for, something easy and straightforward, and this app meets all my business needs. Thank you!