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Postback URL / S2S Server-to-Server Conversion Tracking

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No more lost conversions

Never lose another conversion again. Postback / s2s conversion tracking is 100% accurate unlike traditional pixel tracking which can fail.

Supports any type of postback

Supports any type of postback URL you can think of from popular trackers like Voluum, traffic source postback URL's, and even custom ones.

Track custom conversion data

Easily pass custom data back to your tracker and traffic source postback URL's like unique order number, total order price, etc.

About Postback

Easy Postback URL / S2S Server-toServer Conversion Tracking

Postback app is the easiest way to setup postback url / s2s server-to-server conversion tracking for your shopify store.

Never Lose Another Conversion Again

Traditional tracking pixels fail to track conversions all the time for many reasons:

  • Customer is using an ad blocker
  • Customer's browser blocks the pixel
  • Pixel fails to load fast enough
  • Pixel fails to load properly

This is especially true for customer's purchasing from your store on mobile devices. When testing pixel conversion tracking vs. postback URL / s2s, some stores have reported missing 35% of their conversions when only using a pixel. With the majority of customers purchasing on mobile devices, you can't afford to lose this valuable conversion data. This is why postback URL / s2s conversion tracking will always be superior.

Supports Any Type of Postback URL

Postback app supports any type of postback URL you can think of from trackers, traffic sources, and even custom postbacks you've built in-house.

Popular Tracker Postback URL's:

  • Voluum
  • Thrive
  • FunnelFlux
  • Binom
  • Prosper202
  • Tracking202
  • HasOffers
  • CAKE
  • ClickMagick
  • TrackingDesk
  • CPVLab
  • And Many More!

Popular Traffic Source Postback URL's

More and more traffic sources are starting to support postback URL conversion tracking.

Some examples of traffic sources you can track:

  • Outbrain
  • Taboola
  • MGID
  • And Many More!

Automatic Retry Strategy

We already know that post back URL / s2s server-to-server conversion tracking is near 100% accurate and much better than traditional pixel based tracking, but things can still go wrong sometimes. Let's say your tracking server is down for awhile, or something goes wrong.

If Postback App fires your postback URL and anything goes wrong, we'll automatically retry to fire the conversion again later until the postback successfully fires. This means that you'll never lose out on tracking a conversion again.

Postback App is Completely Free

Postback app is completely free to use

We're Always Working On New Features

Our dev team is constantly working on new features and we have a lot of cool new things planned for Postback App. In order for us to build the best app possible for you, please reach out to us and let us know about any features you want to see added to the app.

Dedicated Support

Our support team is always available to answer your questions and take feedback. If you have any questions about how to setup your postback URL's please reach out to our support team and we'll be happy to help you get everything setup properly. Also, please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or feedback.

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