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30 de abril de 2024

STAY AWAY OF THIS APP! Their customer support is terrible. We have a problem verifying the TOLL number which said not to approve our account because related to "sells products considered to be prohibited content". We have nothing to do with weed or alcohol, just a beauty supply. We reached out to them twice, not even a solution, sending us a bunch of bsh!t instructions and left.

Angelina Nail Supply NYC
Estados Unidos
2 días usando la aplicación
29 de abril de 2024

is not working for my customers! i got no help to translate in Norwegain. Sms code is not working and email for weeks!

26 días usando la aplicación
23 de diciembre de 2023

I am trying to send an SMS campaign, but I could not send it due to a system problem. I tried to contact customer service many times, they said they would get back to me, but they never did.

Vinci Leather Shoes
Estados Unidos
4 meses usando la aplicación
29 de diciembre de 2023

I have been a postscript customer for 1.5-2 years and I would highly recommend not using them. I've found other service providers who give 100x better service at a much lower price.

I'm perplexed as to how this software has a 4.9.

They have been charging us for 6 months even though we expressed that we want to unsubscribe.

Post billing us for no usage for 6 months, after uninstalling the app they have billed us almost 2000$ in a month.

I am deeply disappointed in how shopify allows such companies to bill us in such a fraudulent ways.

Topping all of this off, is their support who will never try to solve the problem and will reroute you to their sales and legal teams who will only try to retain you for longer by baiting your own money.

I've not found such a terrible app all my life and I would caution any shopify owner on using postscript.

Katoura Hygiene
1 día usando la aplicación
22 de octubre de 2023

If I could give this app zero stars I would. My company has been using this app over a year and the experience is the worst.

Taking money from small business owners and not delivering is the worst form of business practice. Whenever we text our customers the messages are not being delivered but your company is getting compensated.
We reached out to customer service to get a resolution and instead of assisting my company we received the run around. Some of my customers aren't receiving our marketing messages and your company needs to reimburse us.

Keionas Collection LLC
Estados Unidos
Alrededor de 3 años usando la aplicación
6 de junio de 2023

Tedious to navigate. Customer service lacking, usually takes days and several reps, to answer most simplest concerns.

Heritage Hen Farm
Estados Unidos
Alrededor de 1 año usando la aplicación
4 de abril de 2022

We used this app for about 1year. The last few months issues are worst it's time to let this app go. Automation is not working anymore. Abandon carts are not sending out. Customer Service just don't care and I downgraded the plan all my previous credits I paid for was taken.

Lil Lady Shoes
Estados Unidos
Casi 4 años usando la aplicación
Fecha de modificación: 6 de julio de 2022

Don’t get involved with them. Postscript was amazing. We tried multiple SMS platforms- we finally felt at "home" Peter helped us get setup and he was great. Then we worked one on one with Joe, his patience and knowledge to get the most out of the app was amazing. Then we kept getting passed from person to person and now- now they won’t strategize with us monthly at all. Seems like they have a ton of turn over. Ran and operated very poorly. Not iPhone friendly.

Buddha Pants®
Estados Unidos
Más de 3 años usando la aplicación
Fecha de modificación: 31 de mayo de 2021

We asked them to cancel the subscription - instead they charged us $1,500 and won't issue a refund.

Jackie's Chocolate
Estados Unidos
Más de 3 años usando la aplicación
9 de febrero de 2022

I have used Postscript for 1.5 years now. We have had TONS of issues, but support was usually there to help. I should've left the app months ago when campaigns were supposedly sending (and I was paying to have them sent), but no one was receiving them. Postscript brushed it off like it was a one time error and fixed campaigns. Without me noticing that no one on our team received campaign I would have never know it didn't get sent out correctly. However, that is not why I would not recommend. I would not recommend because since we started with them we always had the same short code... A short code is text blank number with blank word to sign up for our texts. We noticed that although people would text the number our list wasn't growing.... turns out another brand with similar name purchased our short code, so they were getting all of our subscribers. Postscript NEVER told us that our short code was no longer offered by them. We emailed them to see why our short code wasn't working and they said they are no longer offering them. We would need to pay $1,000 A MONTH if we want to use our short code that was previous free. They said they sent emails letting people know short codes were going away, but I did not receive a single email. This is a huge deal and not something that should've been emailed or brushed off as not a big deal. They should have had a pop up check box in app, so that everyone had to acknowledge that it was not being offered anymore. I personally think they did not inform their customers because they didn't want a mass amount of customers leaving. Unethical in my opinion. Overall I would not recommend. I would recommend Klayvio or Attentive.

Brave Little Ones
Estados Unidos
Alrededor de 3 años usando la aplicación
Postscript respondió 11 de febrero de 2022

This is a very rare issue related to transitioning from shared short codes onto dedicated phone numbers but we're sorry that it happened to you and that we did not notice it sooner.

We began transitioning all of our customers off of shared shared codes and onto dedicated phone numbers in January of 2021. The transition took several months, during which we: hosted an educational webinar, published blog and help centre articles, sent multiple emails and in-app messages, and our team also did direct outreach to shops that had still not transitioned near the deadline. This was a major change for the entire SMS industry, and we tried to communicate this change as clearly as possible to all of our customers.

Unfortunately, dedicated short code fees are largely determined by the mobile carriers and not by Postscript. The monthly fee to lease a dedicated short code is similar on all SMS platforms. We work directly with mobile carriers to get the best rates for short codes for our customers. We also offer free toll-free numbers for shops that do not wish to make this investment.

We've reached out to you directly to resolve this issue and have issued a refund as requested. Again, we apologize that this happened as a result of the transition to dedicated phone numbers.