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I used to LOVE this app, until they change their billing, I currently have only 400 sub on my list, I was paying $25 a month for 2500 credits, which was good for my growing business, I decided to try their free plan little did I know I'll be charged .15 for each text. Which is so unfair!!! I hate that I switch my plan. I'm going to find another provider that cares!! Not fair for growing businesses!!!!

East of Eden Natural
使用應用程式 接近2年

I changed to their new plan - "charge by usage" - like four days ago, to save some money because I didn't use SMS Marketing as much. I went from paying $50 a month, to being charged $987 in three days out of nowhere. I literally sent out two campaigns and have 511 subscribers.

Before this, I used this app occasionally and it went well, but this was outrageous.

Candid Society
使用應用程式 1年多

Shiny modern app but it does not sync well with Shopify and it is deceptive. They don't mention that "international" SMS is 10 times (yes TEN times) the cost of US SMS. It's not mentioned on their app listing nor on their pricing page, only hidden away in the documentation.
By international it literally means any other country so if your store is strictly restircted to US you're better off with one of the other SMS apps.

Hippie Pants
使用應用程式 21天

Tedious to navigate. Customer service lacking, usually takes days and several reps, to answer most simplest concerns.

Heritage Hen Farm
使用應用程式 大約1年

I opened up my site with new items for the week and the app was down and inoperable. I was unable to send out notifications for our items and the timing it crucial. Still am not hearing any response from customer service. Very disappointed

Baby Liv Boutique
使用應用程式 大約1年

We used this app for about 1year. The last few months issues are worst it's time to let this app go. Automation is not working anymore. Abandon carts are not sending out. Customer Service just don't care and I downgraded the plan all my previous credits I paid for was taken.

Lil Lady Shoes
使用應用程式 接近2年

I have used Postscript for 1.5 years now. We have had TONS of issues, but support was usually there to help. I should've left the app months ago when campaigns were supposedly sending (and I was paying to have them sent), but no one was receiving them. Postscript brushed it off like it was a one time error and fixed campaigns. Without me noticing that no one on our team received campaign I would have never know it didn't get sent out correctly. However, that is not why I would not recommend. I would not recommend because since we started with them we always had the same short code... A short code is text blank number with blank word to sign up for our texts. We noticed that although people would text the number our list wasn't growing.... turns out another brand with similar name purchased our short code, so they were getting all of our subscribers. Postscript NEVER told us that our short code was no longer offered by them. We emailed them to see why our short code wasn't working and they said they are no longer offering them. We would need to pay $1,000 A MONTH if we want to use our short code that was previous free. They said they sent emails letting people know short codes were going away, but I did not receive a single email. This is a huge deal and not something that should've been emailed or brushed off as not a big deal. They should have had a pop up check box in app, so that everyone had to acknowledge that it was not being offered anymore. I personally think they did not inform their customers because they didn't want a mass amount of customers leaving. Unethical in my opinion. Overall I would not recommend. I would recommend Klayvio or Attentive.

Brave Little Ones
使用應用程式 大約3年
Postscript 已回覆 2022年2月11日

This is a very rare issue related to transitioning from shared short codes onto dedicated phone numbers but we're sorry that it happened to you and that we did not notice it sooner.

We began transitioning all of our customers off of shared shared codes and onto dedicated phone numbers in January of 2021. The transition took several months, during which we: hosted an educational webinar, published blog and help centre articles, sent multiple emails and in-app messages, and our team also did direct outreach to shops that had still not transitioned near the deadline. This was a major change for the entire SMS industry, and we tried to communicate this change as clearly as possible to all of our customers.

Unfortunately, dedicated short code fees are largely determined by the mobile carriers and not by Postscript. The monthly fee to lease a dedicated short code is similar on all SMS platforms. We work directly with mobile carriers to get the best rates for short codes for our customers. We also offer free toll-free numbers for shops that do not wish to make this investment.

We've reached out to you directly to resolve this issue and have issued a refund as requested. Again, we apologize that this happened as a result of the transition to dedicated phone numbers.


When I first signed up for Postscript, I really liked it. Simple, easy fair pricing. I then took a break to try Attentive as I was offered a really appealing rate. I shut off Postscript, but noticed even with no texts going out, that every month within the first few days, it said all my credits were used.....which was not possible and the "sent texts" reflected this - 5,000 credits gone, with 0-124 texts sent only. Support said this is an "a typical issues" and they couldn't find the reason I was being ripped off. Their solution, was to push me to their new pricing plan which was $500 for all the same features.....a TOTAL SCAM. Disgusting. Their team wasted my time and although nice, were not very professional or accommodating. Attentive offered me upfront a much better pricing structure, I am not sure if I can share publicly so I will not, and we are a small company. Each site the bill is around $50-$150 a month. Honestly I am so disgusted with this company. Their software has an error, ripping me off, and they want ME TO PAY FOR it by switching to their new billing system which is $500/month for the pro plan, to have the same features I currently have. Sadly after somewhere around 3 years, I will be canceling all our Postscript accounts. Disgusting. One of the worst scams I have ever been exposed to. How many people actually keep track and audit texts vs credits? You should! And they wanted to switch me to an uncapped pay as you go model for 10x the price...yah, ok!

Brain Forza
使用應用程式 大約1年

i don't know what's going on with this app but it's not working for me and i can't contact customer service about the problem because the entire app is blank. nothing shows and i really liked this app

All-In-One Voluptuous Boutique
使用應用程式 9個月

Don’t get involved with them. Postscript was amazing. We tried multiple SMS platforms- we finally felt at "home" Peter helped us get setup and he was great. Then we worked one on one with Joe, his patience and knowledge to get the most out of the app was amazing. Then we kept getting passed from person to person and now- now they won’t strategize with us monthly at all. Seems like they have a ton of turn over. Ran and operated very poorly. Not iPhone friendly.

Buddha Pants®
使用應用程式 接近2年