Filter Menu by Power Tools

Filter Menu by Power Tools

door Power Tools

Boost your navigation and conversions with collection filters

4.9 van 5 sterren(132 recensie)

Powerful Product Filtering

Get more sales by streamlining your customer's shopping experience.

Customized For You

Quickly create, modify and maintain a filter menu that behaves just like your customer’s favorite store.

Easy To Install

Save time with our easy 1-click installer, so you can focus on what matters most. Fully customizable and flexible for your needs

Over Filter Menu by Power Tools

Looking to Simplify Your Store & Grow Your Sales?

If you’re searching for a way to boost your stores performance... then a smooth navigation system could be your answer.

Retail experts have proven that when stores make it easier for their customers to shop, their sales go up. Why? Because your customers are short on time, and they’ll reward you for making their life easy.

That’s why we built the Power Tools Filter Menu for store owners like you. That want to squeeze the most potential out of their store, right now!

It’s Everything You Need To Make Shopping Frictionless...

  • Improved Store Navigation. It's designed based on leading retailers like Amazon and Ebay. So you can offer your customers a world-class shopping experience. Plus, boost your conversion rates too!
  • Hands-Free Filter Maintenance. Get the full experience of an advanced filter menu without all the work. The in-built ‘tag sync’ feature automatically maintains and sorts your filter menus.. so you don’t have to.
  • Flexible Filter Options. Create filters based on Price, Brand, Type, Variants such as Color or Size, or any other collection or tag.
  • Tailored To Your Store. Whether you’re using a native theme or a custom-made one, our support team will tailor the app to your needs.

And It Includes Some Awesome Perks Too!

  • Try It FREE For 14-Days. Don’t pay a penny until you know it works.
  • Seamless 1-Click ‘Developer-Free’ Installation. Don’t waste time or money installing the app or hiring a developer.
  • Friendly, Responsive Customer Support. Get all your questions answered, right now.
  • No Ads or Branding. Keep your store professional and congruent with your brand.

Try It FREE Right Today

It takes just a few minutes to setup, and requires no development experience. That's right, no coding required… and it's FREE FOR 14-DAYS!

Once it's installed, it's super easy to manage and update the app anytime. If you ever run into trouble, you'll have access to our support to help you get the most out of this app.

But don't take our word for it. You can see this app live and functioning on our demo store.

If you loved the app, why not checkout the rest of the Power Tools Suite? The Filter Menu app works great with our other products too.

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4.9 van 5 sterren

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Meest recente recensies

Balandi 2020

Great app, and great customer. Satisfied with their work and responsiveness to any issues. I recommend. Great design.

Koast Clothing

What an app, what a team behind it! I can't sing the praises loud enough of the Power Tools team and of course Filter Menu.

It's two key things:

1. Great value.
2. Really powerful and flexible bringing a new dimension to your Shopify site and more importantly the experience of your customers.

Now, for a few footnotes...

It isn't that easy to use but this is mainly to do with the sheer power of the app. It will take you some time to acclimatise to the mechanics of the app and its eccentricities (there are many). That said, the Power Tools team are on hand to help and they really do. Keep in mind that they are in different time zones - one support team in Europe and another in Australia (which is useful). It can take a little while for difficult issues to be sorted but they do get sorted.

The aliasing feature is truly amazing and with some patience you can create elegant filters to convert browsing customers into buying customers.

I've found that I had to watch the excellent tutorial videos a few times to understand what to do and then occasionally check with support on more detailed things. They will help you. I'd add here that I've been designing, building and developing websites for 20 years and I did need to carefully understand the app before launching into config - and I made some mistakes.

Important note. If you update your theme then Filter Menu also needs to be "updated" too to ensure it works. The Power Tools team offered to do this for me and I was about 90% successful on my first attempt but one or two small issues did occur. Power Tools helped me with this. There is a need for better docs on the update process and I hope Chris and the gang are reading this and will action it. It will generate so much more confidence in the app.

So, I would thoroughly recommend that app without exception. Thanks Power Tools.


Very useful app, but some times it takes a few hours to update with store.

Antwoord van ontwikkelaar

13 augustus 2020

Thanks for your review! I do notice you have a large number of products, and to ensure that we have 100% uptime with Shopify we do need to rate-limit the updates for large stores as per the Shopify API rate limiting.

You can manually run an update at any time though, within the app, by pressing Run Store Update. Our support team is also on hand to help resolve any questions and to work with you on improving the the time between updates and the update time!