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Trending Sort

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Feature your trending products first and increase conversions

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Get More Add-To-Carts

Show customers your best selling products FIRST.

Slash Your Bounce Rate

Give customers what they want FAST, so they don't leave without buying.

Unlock Powerful Analytics

Find out which products are HOT, and how you can sell more of them

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This Might Be The Easiest Way To Boost Your Profits & Slash Your Bounce Rate Within Minutes!

Want to hear something crazy? As few as one fifth of the products in your store are bringing you the majority of your traffic, conversions, and profit. Go on, check your analytics. You'll see that of all the items in your store; a select few are getting all the attention. It's incredible!

What's even crazier is... you can boost your conversions and slash your bounce rate by showing these products more. Sorting your products based on performance is the smartest way to ensure your customers see your best side first. Plus, it gives them the best chance of converting to a sale.

Doesn't Shopify Already Have This Feature?

The answer is - YES and NO.

Sure, you can order your products by name, creation date, price and best sellers. But there are three key reasons why the in-built Best Sellers feature falls short! 1. You need very high sales volume for this feature to be accurate. 2. It does not cater to new products and shows stale rankings. Older products are will often rank better, even if they're not best sellers. 3. There's no way to make sure it shows your most profitable products first. Which means, products with low profitability and high-sales volume could be displayed instead.

Power Tools Trending Products Takes It To The Next Level...

  • Accurately rank your products by performance. No matter how big or small your store is.
  • Place new products first, middle or last - and anywhere in-between. Using our improved version of Shopify’s ‘Created Date’ sort order.
  • Sort your products using a blend of ranking types. Think, best sellers with most popular.
  • Choose how to judge product performance. The app's algorithm determines the sort order based on the most recent data for each product. For example, an old product that used to sell well, won't outrank a new one that is selling off the charts.
  • Customize how the algorithm uses product data. It can check only recent data or go back far in time.

And It Comes With Some Great Perks Too!

  • Try It FREE For 14-Days. Don’t pay a penny until you know it works.
  • Seamless 1-Click ‘Developer-Free’ Installation.
  • Friendly, Responsive Customer Support. Get all your questions answered, right now.
  • No Ads or Branding. Keep your store professional and congruent with your brand.

Why Not Start Your FREE Trial Today?

It takes just a few minutes to setup and requires no development experience. That's right, no coding required… and it's FREE for the next 14-days.

But don't take our word for it. You can see this app live and functioning in our demo store.

If you loved the app, why not check out the rest of the Power Tools Suite?

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Shop Mangorabbit

worked like it should after some quick tech support (thanks Brad!). It's all done in the Powertools app portal. Doesn't actually add a "trending" option in the Shopify sort dropdown (it's shown as Manual) and that caused some confusion, but that's the limits of Shopify