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Save money. Sell more. Reach new customers.

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Increase Brand Awareness

PowerBuy allows you to leverage your existing customer base to reach more customers through social sharing.

Earn more

PowerBuy reduces the amount of spend on internal marketing helping you earn more. No coding or digital marketing skills required!

Go viral

Take advantage of reaching outside of your current customer base using the Social Sharing & Shopping tools to help your deals go viral!

Über PowerBuy

About PowerBuy

With our Social Sharing and Shopping Tools on your Shopify product pages, this app has everything you need to help achieve organic, viral growth while reducing your cost on 3rd party marketing spend (ie. SEM, Social, etc).

Our patent pending PowerBuy helps achieve conversions by multiple degrees of separation, as a result of social and viral sharing stemming from a single consumer.

PowerBuy App via Shopify

With our new PowerBuy app on Shopify, Merchants will have

  • Instant access to PowerBuy's Social Sharing & Shopping Tools
  • See a dramatic increase in demand generation
  • Reach outside of your existing customer base via Viral Sharing on PowerBuy
  • Zero setup costs and minimal integration required
  • Dynamic Pricing that provides instant price comparisons so that the Merchant and Consumer are able to get the best price possible to start the PowerBuy

Start using PowerBuy today!

We have proven the PowerBuy concept on our own marketplace and invite you to think outside of the box with us in this new era of Shopify eCommerce growth!

Please check out our How-To Videos that can be found on the FAQ link to the right, which will guide you from installation to setting up your first Buyer Initiated PowerBuys!

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3% Commission on PowerBuy

  • Free 30 day Trial*

  • Up to 1,000 SKU's



2.5% Commission on PowerBuy

  • Free 30 day Trial*

  • Up to 2,500 SKU's



2% Commission on PowerBuy

  • Free 30 day Trial*

  • Up to 5,000 SKU's



1.5% Commission on PowerBuy

  • Free 30 day Trial*

  • Up to 10,000 SKU's

  • More than 10,000 SKU's, please contact powerbuy@powerbuy.ai for more information

* Alle Gebühren werden in USD berechnet. Wiederkehrende Gebühren, einschließlich monatlicher oder nutzungsabhängiger Gebühren, werden alle 30 Tage in Rechnung gestellt.

5.0 von 5 Sternen

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KQ Town

This app will help you with most of the features you have wanted in your online shop.
I never knew that I can utilize AI service this easily before PowerBuy.

Also, the basic function of PowerBuy is very attractive that the customers are willing to share our product information with their friends!

With a low cost, it almost feels like I'm earning a lot of customers and potential customers for free.

Our PowerBuy sales are about 3x more than our buy now and the conversion rate is way up to nearly 8%.

We’ve seen about 6 new customers per SKU setup for PowerBuy so we’re excited to start growing our product count and hopefully see this trend keep up.

Novarian Creations

This has to be one of the greatest apps I’ve used on Shopify. I highly recommend not hesitating to use this on your online store. I noticed an increase in traffic and sales quickly. Great work. Great support. Great app.


I love the way they help and communicate with you I love it. Give it a try and see for your self. Great app mate. Love it.