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13 febbraio 2019

It's not free! after you spend hours building the forms you notice a pricing at the top and then you find out that it's only free for 25 submissions and for basic capabilities only. Then you delete the app but you find out that you also have to remove your account from another website somewhere hidden in the settings of that website. By this time you would have wasted many hours and been charged at least once for nothing. So just don't.

Hang and Display
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9 febbraio 2015

So broken. So so broken. Tried to initially install the app three times and received the error "this element could not be loaded". Then I visited the site and it said the app was installed so I attempted to open the app through my site and got the same error twice. Then I tried to use the report a bug feature on their website and got the same error! I finally tried to just use the code from their page to create a form on my own. Well not only did it sometimes show two forms but sometimes it would show one form and the same error above it! Nope....nope....nope....

Hammers and Heels
Stati Uniti
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19 febbraio 2020

Non-refundable monthly updgrades

I must have signed up for the pro version thinking it would meet my needs, within 20 minutes i decided it wouldn't and uninstalled the app.

turns out as per section 9.1 of their terms and conditions, a monthly upgrade is non refundable so they charged me for the full month anyway.

tried to speak to support about because i thought it was a reasonable request to get it refunded but was denied. would have been nice for them to clearly say non-refundable up front and center vs. burying it in the T&C.

Ivey Student Leadership Conference
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12 settembre 2019

$79 a month lol that's actually insane....................................................................

Fitlete Athletica
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POWR.io ha risposto 12 settembre 2019

Hey there!

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with this feedback. I would love to chat with you to see how we can provide more value for what's offer. This currently allows access to 60+ apps at that rate. Feel free to reach back to POWr support directly and we can answer any questions you may have. -Waylon W | Customer Success

11 ottobre 2016

It is not free as it claims to be. The free version is so limited that it is simply not worth the while to build a form and be faced with tonnes of restrictions.

Regno Unito
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